Welcome to Running a Zoo!

My name is Michelle and I am a baking, running, animal-loving Harry Potter nerd that likes good food and good times with loved ones. I recently moved from Denver to Colorado Springs to be closer to work and am so excited to explore all my new city has to offer. I love finding new trails, exploring festivals, and trying new food and restaurants.

A few years ago, I wanted to get more serious about living a healthier lifestyle and to find inspiration, I began reading some running blogs. These awesome blogs got me out on the roads and helped me find the amazing thing we call running. Running is my way of gaining a new perspective on life and focusing on the positive. Running races not only gives me something to work towards, but there is nothing quite like the excited energy of a race. I hope you can come along as I train for some races and chat a bit about the highs and lows of running and life along the way.


When I’m not running, you can find me at the zoo. A deep love of animals and a desire to contribute to conservation led me to the zookeeping field. I care so much about protecting endangered species and working at the zoo is an incredible way to share my animals and connect people to them and their wild counterparts. Animal care has transformed over the last few decades and zoos are making dramatic contributions to the conservation of species all over the world. I am super proud to be a part of these efforts and have the best job in the world.

Now to be super clear, I don’t actually run the zoo! Ha, I’ve got my hands full with the amazing animals in my area. I work on a team that cares for a variety of primates, bears, mountain tapirs, and sloths. My work is always different and exciting and keeps me on my toes.


Along with my zoo animals, the greatest loves of my life are my two dogs. Gryffindor is an Italian spinone and the biggest sweetheart you’ve ever met.

And his little brother, Baudelaire. Also known as Bodie, this little baby is so full of energy and spunk and keeps us all on our toes.

Thanks for checking out the blog! I hope you’ll stick around and join me on this crazy journey.