Signs of Spring

** This post was written before the horrific events that occurred in Boulder this week, but I feel compelled to add my deepest condolences to the families of the victims of this tragedy. Boulder has been a home of adventure, family time, and memory making for me over the years and just like the rest of Colorado, a safe space that is my home. While just because this happened closer to home doesn’t make it any more or less tragic than the atrocities that are becoming far too common in this country, it has caused me to pause and reflect deeply on who and what means most to me. Let’s be as kind as possible to one another today. Everyday.

Hey hey! I can’t believe how quickly the time has been passing by lately. I feel like I looked up and was like holy cow, it’s already almost April!

The weather has been so gorgeous and I’ve been loving the longer days. While soon it will be time to get out on the roads more often, the treadmill is still my BFF most evenings when I want to run after work. Running in the dark is a no go for me all the time so having a treadmill really helps me achieve my running goals even if the world outside isn’t cooperating. I started thinking about the little things I do to help myself get running. Let’s face it, I don’t look forward to every run and I don’t think I’m alone in that. But there a couple little things that better set me up for success.

  • If it’s cold outside, find a way to be warm first. If it is really cold outside, even running inside on the treadmill can be challenging if the room is chilly and I am standing there in shorts and a tank top not warmed up yet. Sometimes I’m so cold I don’t want to even change into my running clothes to begin with. The little trick that helps me is to just jump into the shower. Yes, you are going to take a shower after your run and water conservation is important. BUT! Two minutes standing under hot water and warming up my frigid little toes is going to get me running a lot sooner than waiting for summer to warm things up. Give it a try! Also layering long sleeves and warm full length tights helps me push past cold winds if I do choose to get outside.
  • Sometimes there’s a time crunch and I feel like I won’t have time to get a run in. Little things like wearing my running bra and socks under my regular clothes so I’m already halfway dressed helps get me going. Or laying out all my clothes by the bed before going to sleep so I’m ready to throw them on can help.
  • Sometimes, just telling yourself that you can cut the run short, but just get out there for a bit is all I can do. Life gets so crazy busy, but doing things like running is so important, it’s worth trying to squeeze it in. Keep an eye on the time though. Last week I thought I could squeeze in a couple quick miles before teaching my class online and I didn’t give myself enough time to cool down. I had to assure my class that my face was in fact the same shade as a tomato and there was nothing wrong with their computer screens. Maybe sticking your face in the freezer would be a good trick for that. I’ll try it next time and let you know how it goes.

This was my old teaching set up. Cozy, but a little bare bones. My new set up is slightly more functional with more outlets to charge things and the students get to see Glenda, my perfect darling fig tree, while I teach so win-win for everyone.

  • Changing up my playlist helps motivate me to get out there too. Picking a couple new songs keeps me interested and motivated. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about listening to podcasts while running. More power to you if that works! I haven’t found any sort of non-music content that keeps me engaged enough while running, but maybe I just haven’t found the right podcast yet.
  • Pick a new street or trail to explore. Nothing makes a run more interesting than a change of scenery. Running to a destination helps me too. I used to have a route that ended at a smoothie and juice shop which was ideal obviously. Walking home with a refreshing juice was always something to look forward to and helped me get out on the road.
  • When nothing else works, find one of your favorite spots on earth (Pikes Peak is one of mine, pictured above) and just go be there. Whether you walk or run or even just sit there, I always find some benefit of just getting out and being in nature. The fresh air alone might inspire you to pick up the pace.

I am so thankful Spring is finally here. One of my old college professors would always ask us what signs of spring we saw around campus and would especially point out all the robins returning as the snow melted and the weather warmed up. I will never see a robin in February/March again without thinking of Mr. Knight. Good luck with your running this week, my friends!

Anyone signed up for any in-person races yet? I just heard The Hungry Runner Girl is ten weeks out from her first race of the year which I won’t lie, made me a little jelly!

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