January Wrap Up and I need some advice

Hello and welcome back !

These three are such goofs. You better believe even though it’s my day off that the expectation of breakfast at seven still exists to these pups.

January has absolutely flown by hasn’t it?! It’s been a good few weeks for us and I wanted to check in on life and see where I’m at with my intentions.

Running has been great! I committed to running every other day for 30 days to get myself back into a running habit. I loved this strategy and it totally worked for me. With the exception of a few days where I needed to push off my run to the next day for whatever reason, I completed this goal and feel like I have a good solid base for some Spring running. I did slack off on yoga a bit this month to fit in all the running so moving forward I am going to stick with the every other day workouts but sub in some yoga each week.

#throwback #precovid

Aw, there is so much about this picture that I miss. Being able to practice outside, the soft green grass, practicing with other humans. Now this is what my set up looks like most days.

Eating healthier and eating more whole food and less processed stuff has been going well for the most part as well. I am still enjoying using alternate flours to bake healthier breakfast goodies and snacks. That’s not to say I don’t still indulge in my favorites occasionally.

Never will I ever turn down Cold Stone ice cream. Especially if it has brownie batter and raspberries mixed in. YUM!!

My last intention is to drink 90 oz. of water a day. This is probably my least successful goal so far. While I drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, I still struggle to get all 90 oz. in. It’s just so much water! But I will continue to work on it! Progress, not perfection, right!?

As far as the rest of life goes, everything is pretty good. The animals still manage to have some fun outside despite the recent snows.

For the animals that it is too cold to go outside, we just bring the party inside. Happy Birthday to Chobe (Cho-bee) our 21 year old tortoise that has just the sweetest smile and disposition. I love this big guy.

These crazies have been enjoying the extra winter coziness and have been found napping by the fire most evenings lately.

I could use some advice. These little vines are clippings from a friend that I transplanted to this pot ages ago. They have been doing well until a few weeks ago, their leaves started turning yellow. I thought I was overwatering so I pumped the brakes on the hydration but the yellowing has continued. Any thoughts ya’ll??

The saddest plant in my house right now

I think that brings us up to date. I was thinking of doing a post on how to motivate ourselves to run more in the winter when it’s cold and (if you’re anything like me) we want to stay in bed and warm all day instead of get up and run. Let me know if there’s anything specific I could cover that you would be interested in! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Let me know in the comments:

-What’s wrong with my plant?

-What’s your favorite part of winter?

-Is it harder for you to get out and be active in the winter months?

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