Big dogs and little gardens

Hey guys! Long time, no see! Life got super busy for a minute there, but we’re all here together again and that’s what matters.

Meet Faolan, the sweetest little pup in the whole world. She’s my boyfriend’s dog and also Bodie’s very best friend. These two can play all day. It’s so cute.

We headed out to give Gryff a much needed bath which was pretty cute to me but Gryffy was less than impressed.

But he felt great when he was squeaky clean and could air dry with his head out of the window on the way home.

Of course when we finally got out into the backyard to work on my long neglected garden, everyone played in the dirt as much as possible and the bath didn’t make much of a difference.

I am now the proud plant parent of some cucumbers, a bunch of herbs, tomatoes, and what I’m most excited about…a watermelon plant! I’m hoping at the end of the summer I will my own perfect, beautiful little watermelon to dig into.

The pups are such good garden helpers. Bodie digs all the holes for the plants (kind of…he might just be digging holes 🙂 and the other two smell test each plant for authenticity. It’s a team effort. I’ve also been trying to spruce up the front yard a bit. I highly recommend taking before and after pictures of your projects so you can see all your accomplishments at the end. It doesn’t look like much, but just tidying up this little garden made me so happy.

When I haven’t been digging in the dirt, I’ve been doing what I love best, hanging out with my favorites around good food and good drinks. I was determined to hunt down an awesome food truck I’d heard about recently and found it at Metric Brewing. This was a new to me brewery and I really liked it!

Chef Bob’s Lobsta Trap food truck has been on my radar for awhile now and I just had to find it because I LOVE lobster. And this amazingness did not disappoint. The sheer amount of lobster meat is worth the slightly higher than usual prices and I was in heaven with every bite.

The lobster Mac and cheese was awesome as well. Sooo good. I can’t wait to go back.


If you’re local to Colorado Springs, what’s your favorite brewery?

What are you guys growing in your gardens this year?

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