Fish, Flamingos and Fun in the Sun

Howdy friends! How are ya? The AZA conference is over and while it’s been a fun week, I’m glad to be heading home to these noodles.

We had a chance to check out the OdySea Aquarium for our conference icebreaker. All the staff did a great job creating a fun night for us and I loved all the critters!

Those balls had fish in them and were suspended above us! Of course the zookeepers that we are wondered how they clean them! It was a fun night to mingle and enjoy such a beautiful aquarium.

We also got a chance to check out the Phoenix Zoo! It was so fun and I especially loved the free contact spider monkey exhibit!

It was so big we didn’t end up seeing the entire zoo but had a great time meeting the staff and enjoying their awesome animals! The food was delicious too. A cayenne pepper-chocolate covered pineapple blew my mind and was the perfect ending to a great day!

I grabbed some monkey earrings at the gift shop (because how can you not) and appreciated the palm oil messaging so much.

By the time this posts I should be back in Colorado and back to regular life which sounds great to me. But now that I know how awesome Phoenix is, I am sure I’ll be back!


What’s your next vacation?

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