Riding Waves and Tuesday Tidbits

Hey hey internet friends! Long time no see! Sorry, it’s been a crazy past few weeks and blogging had to drop down on the priority list. But that’s what I really like about blogging, it will always be there to pick up right where you leave off. Life continues to roll along and it just gives us more to catch up on, right? Today I wanted to share a little bit about some life stuff I’ve been thinking about.

The last year has been a whirlwind for me. If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you’ll know last year I traveled to Ecuador for an incredible experience GPS-collaring wild mountain tapir.

(Not that tapir specifically, that’s Cofan, a tapir I take care of at the zoo.)

That trip was one of the highlights of my life! Actively participating in the hands-on conservation of an animal I feel passionate about…geez I tear up even thinking about it! What a high point it was for me. Fast forward a few weeks and I dove right into filing for a divorce right after I got back from that trip. Talk about a completely opposite experience. Negative interactions, frustrating paperwork, sooooo many tears…it felt like one of the lowest points I’ve ever been at. I’m still trying to move through some of the emotions that come along with parting from a relationship I had been in for practically my entire adult life, but at least I am moving. Add in a promotion, moving cities, and having my car totaled in the worst hail storm in history and last year was just a bit overwhelming for me. And that’s my point. For awhile it felt like I was just waiting for “this” to be over. For whatever experience I was going through to just be over so I could live again….but it’s not ever over is what I’m learning. Life is not a series of unrelated events that begin and end along some timeline that is your life. It’s more like the ocean, constantly moving, waves forming, cresting, crashing against the shore then smoothing out again and rushing back into the sea. (Whoa this is getting a little heavy, let’s lighten it up with a sweet little sloth picture.)

I’m sure even Chalupa here has had to ride some waves in her life. I’d love for her to be able to tell me about it. We’re all riding our own individual waves as we make our way through life. Some waves are going to be so amazing you hope it will never be over, and some you are going to just try to keep swimming until there is a break and you can get some air. But understanding that every wave will subside and we will always have another wave to catch has helped me move forward this last year. I can’t just wait for the hard stuff to be over because more hard stuff will always pop up. But now I know I can make it through another big wave, because I have weathered so many already, I know it’s already within me. So when my dog needs another emergency surgery and the car needs some major repairs, I know that this wave will pass as well and there is calmer water on the other side. But living those experiences and not trying to push them away or block them out just makes us more human. Then, when a good wave hits, you can fully appreciate its awesomeness and ride it for all its worth. Thanks for bearing with me as my brain exercises it’s need to find metaphors to cope with life stress haha.

Ok…let’s get to some fun stuff now. Time for some Tuesday tidbits! These are some of my favorite things that I’ve come across lately. Feel free to share your Tuesday tidbit in the comments! Let’s all brighten each other’s day with some positive vibes.

*This little nincompoop decided he wasn’t done with visiting the ER and had another surgery a few weeks ago. His sad little face in his donut just breaks my heart. (There’s nothing wrong with his face, he just has a lot of extra skin if you’re wondering.) But Bodie is fully recovered now and getting into mischief per usual. I’m so grateful my little guy is back to his regular self. The stress of a sick doggo is just one of the worst kinds of stress, am I right? Side note: the donut version of the “cone of shame” is sooo much better than the traditional plastic Elizabethan collars. He can see around himself more and was much more comfortable, but still unable to reach his sutures.

*Running!! Haha remember when this used to be a running blog!? I took a couple weeks off to prioritize taking care of Bodie and then I got sick myself which put me out of commission last week. But in general, I’ve been getting in some miles and have been getting excited for my next race! I signed up for the Run to the Shrine race again. If you remember, I injured my foot last year running this race so I want to make sure I have a good base running up and down some hills before I give it another go this year. Of course we all know what makes you run harder and faster….new running tights.

All the gold stars for me! It’s the little things right 😉 I also really liked this article about running shoes. I’ve never considered letting my shoes rest to let the foam decompress, but it makes sense.

*Baby howler monkeys! The biggest highlight of the last couple of weeks has been a new addition to our black howler monkey family at work!! Charlie gave birth to a healthy, strong little babe last Tuesday and baby is doing great! I’ll be honest guys, it’s hard to get work done when there is this little nugget to hang out with.

That face though. I die. Well that’s enough tidbits for now. I’m looking forward to cleaning up my yard and getting ready for some gardening this weekend. It might still be a little too early to plant, but I want to spruce everything up a bit before we get digging.


What are your plans this weekend?

Share a Tuesday tidbit with me! What is one of the best parts of your life lately?

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