Party Pretzels and Puppies

Howdy friends!! How is your week going so far? It has been freeeeeezing here in Colorado this week and I have been focused on consuming as much hot tea and cocoa as I can. Ashley and I went out for fancy tea again which is always so fun and warms you right up.

Then we made our way upstairs for a glass of bubbly and some mussels from Jake and Telly’s. I love mussels, like LOVE them. If they are on the menu I’ll order them always. They’re my jam!

The mussels at Jake and Telly’s are pretty yummy but the best place to go for a delicious mussel meal is the Golden Bee. Allison put me on to these little beauties and they are so tasty! Paired with a fun little cocktail, it made for a perfect night out.

After the Golden Bee I would highly recommend making your way over to the Axe and Oak for a whiskey concoction. It has a fun ambiance and it’s a good place to catch up with friends.

I have been all over town lately and one new to me place that I just loved was Pub Dog. It is a super dog friendly bar that has an off leash area for the pups to romp around in. I about died from so many puppy snuggles and plan to go back anytime I need a little pick me up. Those dogs just steal your heart!

We played some trivia and got in all our dog lovin’ and just had a blast. The dogs come in so many shapes and sizes. I just LOVE dogs.

Of course I think my own dogs are pretty much the best dogs in the world. I can’t wait to take them to this place!

The reason we came across Pub Dog is actually the little German market up the road. Wimberger’s is the place to go for delicious pastries, meats, cheeses, and of course you can pick up a party pretzel for your next social occasion.

There were so many goodies and I left with Bavarian bratwurst, some dill havarti cheese, and some spicy (and delicious!) German mustard.

And of course I picked up a pastry. Yum!

With all these delectable treats, I’ve been keeping up with my running and will share a bigger running update in the next post. But it’s been mainly the treadmill for this girl lately. I have zero interest in running outside in the dark or the cold so hopping on the ol’ hamster wheel is all I got. But I’ll take it. At least there are holders for your music and water and stuff on a treadmill. One last picture of me acting like everything is great even though I’m standing in 5 degree air.

Spoiler: I ran inside the monkey building after that picture and didn’t leave it’s warmth for the rest of the day.


If you have to choose, would you rather be cold or hot?

3 thoughts on “Party Pretzels and Puppies

  1. I’d rather be cold BUT I have to be able to get warm!! Better to have a snuggle buddy like a dog who likes to cuddle, or a cat at least (which luckily one cat likes cuddles haha).

    Love this post, so fun..I want your life 😉

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