Markets, Mischief, & Marmosets

Good morning dear friends! I hope your week is going well so far! I wanted to catch up on some fun going’s on this last week.

I made my own poultry seasoning for the first time and used it in some Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings that turned out great!

I also headed over to the Asian Pacific Market for a Chinese New Year celebration event with Ashley. It was packed. There were so many people there lined up for raffles and wheels and samples. It was such a cool market filled with aisles and aisles of unique Asian offerings many of which I’d never seen before.

The fish section was especially impressive.

I was overwhelmed with all the interesting options everywhere. They must have had at least twenty different species of fish.

They had such a wide variety of prepackaged seafood and dried fish.

We hit up the aisles and found some yummy teas and some strange drinks.

The noodle aisle made me so happy. I’ve never seen so many noodles. Everything from lo mein noodles to ramen to the thinnest vermicelli were there. I was excited to get a ramen sample which was spicy and delicious.

I loved exploring all the different foods and wares and can’t wait to visit the market again, maybe when it’s not so busy. It was so fun coming across so many unique items, some totally unlike anything I’ve ever eaten.

They also had a cafe-type section where you could buy hot, prepared food and eat lunch if you wanted while you were there. I would probably pass on the duck, but the steamed buns looked delicious.

Last weekend I also headed up to Denver for a fun day out at Dave and Buster’s. For a few years now a group of friends have put together an annual day up to D & B’s for what we call…the annual Dave and Buster’s Shitshow. We spend the day playing games and drinking probably a little too much and make just a big fun day out of it. We’ve made it a tradition including the photo booth picture and obligatory ski ball competition.

We made sure to get a picture of the attendees that had attended every one of these outings so far.

I played more games than I usually do and ended up liking it more than I thought I would. I usually stick to ski ball and a couple other games and that’s it. My friends play all the games though and it’s very entertaining to watch them.

We also tried out a virtual reality “ride” that took us through Jurassic Park. This was my absolute favorite part of the day! It was so much fun!

We played more games and had more drinks until it was time for some food.

Carrie has the cutest little ginger ale I’ve ever seen.

We ordered an appetizer platter and everything was yummy.

We ended the night picking out our prizes and I fell in love with this pink llama.

It was another successful sh*tshow and me and my llama headed home happy and sleepy. Isn’t that the cutest little llama you’ve ever seen?!

Speaking of cute, I take care of a Geoffroy’s marmoset names Nova. She is a little old lady and by little I mean she weighs less than 600 grams! She is a cutie patootie and I was so pleased she wanted to come over the other day and check out my self-facing camera. I love all the primates I take care of at the zoo, but each one is so unique. I love them all for different reasons. Nova has always been a little more independent and takes her time to think about her choices. She is just so cute you don’t mind waiting while she decides what she’s going to do.

Isn’t she darling?! The other little guys we take care of in my area are called Goeldi’s monkeys. This family group has my heart, especially little Harley. He lives with his parents at the zoo and this little family is soooo cute.

Harley is always interested in what I’m doing and is eager to “help”. His mom and dad are more than happy to watch me do the cleaning but he’s always nearby ready to assist, little nugget. Gosh I just love him so much!

That’s his derpy look. I interrupted him as he foraged for mealworms in the shavings and I feel like he’s saying, “uh….what are you doing? We have worms to find.” Fair point, Harley, fair point.


Tell me the best part of your week so far!

What is your favorite Asian dish? I’m inspired to try something new.

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