Tea Leaves and Steamed Buns

Hello hello! How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one. I had a ton of fun playing arcade games and shopping around an amazing Asian market, but more on that later. One of my favorite parts about last week was going out to tea with Ashley at Yellow Mountain Tea House. Ash is proficient in all things tea and introduced me to this fantastic establishment over in Old Colorado City.

When you walk in you first pick out your tea. There are sooo many to choose from! Walls and walls of teas. It was so much fun to wander around and smell them and pick one out. I chose winter white chai and Ashley picked out a green tea.

The staff was incredibly well educated about the teas. They also brew it at your table in a traditional style making each tea a particular way with its appropriate dishes and brew times. It was so much fun!

We sipped it out of tiny little cups while we waited for our food to arrive. You can sit at tables surrounded by super fun curtains or in a more traditional style on small pillows at a low table.

We ordered food before sitting down. We shared the xiao long bao and the beef steamed buns. Both came piping hot and were delicious.

It was such a fun experience and I can’t wait to go back. I bought some tea to take home with me and have been enjoying it all week. Something about brewing loose leaf tea makes it feel more special and I feel like I savor my tea a little more.

I highly recommend checking out Yellow Mountain Tea House the next time your in the neighborhood.


What are your plans this week?

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