Cheese, running, ramen, and hiking

Hey there guys! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low key filled with some wine tasting, couch sitting, and delicious Thai food. I wanted to check in and catch up the last couple of weeks!

Bodie was unimpressed that I left him at home to go visit my family for the holidays. Luckily he’s forgiven me. He had a play date with his best friend and I made some strawberry muffins while they played puppy wars on the couch.

I also got a little fancier than usual and made up a yummy charcuterie board that I’ve been wanting to remake again this week. What can I say, I just LOVE cheese.

It was a mix of Brie, Stilton, cheddar, raclette, and bleu cheese. So good!! Of course if you’re going to eat ALL the cheese, it’s probably a good idea to get outside and burn a few calories too. Some of these January days have been just beautiful and I’ve been trying to catch some sunshiny runs.

The other day I ran into downtown Colorado Springs and passed by the church we went to when I lived here as a little girl. It still looks exactly the same. I have so many memories in there like learning to play piano and pipe organ.

While that was a solo run (its a little hard to run through the busy downtown streets with two big dogs in tow) I made sure to get pups out for a hike in the fresh air too.

I know Gryffin looks skeptical, but he was actually really excited to check out Stratton Open Space. I’ve heard a lot about this hiking area from friends and met up with my friend Allison to check it out.

The pups had a blast as we hiked up to a small reservoir and enjoyed the view. They didn’t feel like posing for pictures, but I don’t blame them when there are so many fun things to smell and see.

The trail was nice and wide which is nice for my two reactive dogs. The boys love other dogs, but bark at them when they are on leash. They really just want to say hi but their size and loud barks usually intimidate other hikers a bit (understandable!) so it’s nice we can all move off to the side and give each other some space. The only small issue I found was that even though the area was only for dogs on leash, we came across many off leash pups which adds an extra challenge to our hike. They all seemed to have a good recall, but I always appreciate other dog owners following the rules too, especially when I’m trying to give my dogs a fun experience but keep them safe too since they are so reactive. But we had a great time without incident and went home with two tired pups.

I’ve been exploring fun new places for food and drinks lately too. Ashley and I hit up Iron Bird Brewing for a pint and some pizza. It was a cool vibe and very cozy on the couches by the fireplace. I definitely recommend it.

The margherita pizza was super tasty and it was a nice place to catch up with friends and watch the snow fall outside.

Another one of my favorite cold weather treats is ramen. Rooster’s House is Ramen is one of my favorite places and my spicy pork shoulder ramen did not disappoint. Soooo yummy!

There is something so satisfying about a delicious bowl of ramen. I’ve been thinking about it ever since I ate it. Well that’s a lot of food and pictures for now! I’ll catch up again soon and share my super fun experience at a local tea house! I hope you have a wonderful week, my friends!


What’s your favorite cold weather treat?

6 thoughts on “Cheese, running, ramen, and hiking

  1. I am SO with you on off-leash dogs. There are leash laws for a reason! It just kills me when we are walking the dogs in our neighborhood, and someone’s pup is playing off-leash in their front yard and they yell, “Oh, don’t worry, he’s friendly!” as he’s running up to say hi to my dog. The problem is my dog is not necessarily friendly – he has some fear aggression, and while he’s fine seeing other leashed dogs on walks, any unleashed dog running up to him is going to provoke a response. So infuriating!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel ya, Rachel! I’m constantly trying to train my pups to have more positive, easier to handle reactions to other dogs, but off leash dogs pose such a challenge because you suddenly lose so much control of the situation. What kind of dog do you have?


      1. Michelle, I actually have three dogs – my girls are a couple of mutts, one is a shepherd mix and one is a lab mix. They are both pretty laid back and do pretty okay with off leash dogs – they don’t like it, but they deal with it.

        My boy, though, is a different story! He’s actually an African village dog from Mali (we live in the US, though – long story!), and has no specific breed. The closest would be a Basenji, probably. If you do a google image search for “African Village Dog” the first image that comes up is pretty much exactly what he looks like. We’ve had him since he was eight weeks old! He has been a unique guy from the outset, let me tell you! 🙂 He pretty much doesn’t like any other dogs except the ones he lives with, so we are trying to work on that.

        But yes, the loss of control in the situation is the worst! You just never know what’s going to happen when you get two dogs who don’t like each other and one can’t be restrained!


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