ALL the Christmas!

Merry Christmas, dear friends!! How was your holiday? It was super merry and bright over here and I am still enjoying some prolonged Christmas festivities with my family today!

I’ve been getting out and about to celebrate all the festivities with friends and stopped by Bristol the other day and saw this epic paper chain tree! Love it!

I also grabbed a pint with my favorites at one of our usual hang outs, the Smiling Toad, which was looking super festive in all the socks people bring in and decorate year after year.

We also wandered over the Burrowing Owl for some coconut saps (made with coconut vinegar and one of my top favorite cocktails ever!) and some tiny headed sloths.

Christmas Day was full of family and love. I worked with all my furry babes then had a wonderful Christmas luncheon with my zoo family.

After work I had an extra special treat in store. My dad came to town and we went out for dinner at The Broadmoor’s steak restaurant La Taverne

Everything about the Broadmoor is well done and this meal was no exception. From the gorgeous lights all over the grounds to the most perfect candied peanuts in our dessert, it was top notch.

We started off getting a look at the decorations all over their stunning grounds. The trees, the lake, the gigantic gingerbread house….it was like walking through a wonderful dream.

I’m adopted and my parents picked me up in this very room at 3 days old. We always like to pop in and check it out. The Christmas trees were all just stunning.

With twinkling stars in our eyes we sat down to what turned out to be one of the most amazing meals I’ve ever had. I started with the Le Jardin cocktail and dad had a martini. Deeee-lish!!!

Then I experienced the best scallops OF MY LIFE. I can’t even describe the buttery pan-seared wonderfullness that was these scallops. On a bed of sweet potato grits and accompanied by the most amazing sauce I’ve ever tasted, I’m sure I will never forget this meal.

My dad had the rack of lamb and it didn’t disappoint. Everything was just SO good! We ended with a pineapple mousse type of dessert with candied peanuts and I could have just died and gone to heaven.

What a night to remember! After Christmas Day we headed over to visit more of my family on the western slope. It’s like Christmas never has to end!!! Loving it! It’s wonderful to spend some time with them and extend the festivities a bit.

Of course don’t think I didn’t include these two cuties in all the holiday madness! They have been loving all the extra baking, friends, and toys that have been around lately.

We have been trying to get out and burn off some of those Christmas cookies when we can catch some daylight. Bodie is always full steam ahead. Isn’t running on a sunshiny day in winter just magical?! I love the cold air and bright sun and blue, blue sky.

Thankfully all this running and merry making leaves them pretty tuckered out.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday dear ones. I’d like to hear all about it! And if I don’t see you before the 31st, have an incredibly Happy New Year!!


What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

What did you get for Christmas this year?!

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