A Very Harry Christmas!

Good morning! Are you ready for Christmas yet? I can’t believe it’s so close! In keeping with my very festive mood, I went to the most amazing Harry Potter Christmas party last weekend!

My friend Ashley transformed her house into a real life Hogwarts and we had a blast playing Harry Potter games all night.

I was particularly excited about the Harry Potter trivia game and wanted to answer every other team’s questions as well.

It was such a good time! We enjoyed some delectable themed treats as well. Ashley did an excellent job hosting and the food was on point.

My favorite food was our sorting hat cake pops! We bit into our cake pops and we’re sorted into our houses. I got Hufflepuff!

All of the decor made the whole party extra magical and a night to remember.

What a fun, festive night!

We also received a most excellent party favor in the form of our own wands! I waved mine around all night and tried to turn one of Ashley’s dogs into a goblet…it didn’t work. #muggleforlife

All in all it was a great night with great friends and so much magical mischief!


What’s your favorite Harry Potter book?

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