Renaissance Festival Birthday Bash

Good day to you, my Lords and Ladies! My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I kept with tradition and went to the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, Colorado. I have attended this for so many of my birthdays in the past, mostly because opening weekend falls on my birthday and it is a super fun day out with friends and family.

This year was no exception and I was lucky to have a bunch of wonderful friends join me for a fantastic girl’s day out.

We parked pretty far out, but luckily they have a shuttle that will transport you from the farther parking lanes to the entrance. I didn’t even know all the fun we were about to have in this picture. 🙂

We made our way in through the castle gates and were transported to another century. I love how “in character” all the festival staff are and all the details everywhere they truly make this festival so charming.

We made our way through the unique shops. I fell in love with these amazing air plant holders and wish I had bought more than one.

In between much eating and drinking, we managed to catch a few shows and play some games. The bravest of us tried out the climbing wall. My friends looked so badass climbing up there! Some of us made it higher than others. Lara didn’t leave the ground, but she still climbed with style. 😉

Then we threw some knives, hung out with some washing well wenches, ate more delicious food, and walked around some more shops. The goods available at the festival alone is worth the ticket to me. Such unique, beautiful handcrafted items you just could never find anywhere else.

I was obsessed with all the masks at the fest this year. Ashley picked up this gorgeous purple mask that I just died over all day. I wish we had more opportunities in life to wear beautiful things like this.

More fun, beautiful things!

I adore the food at ren fest. There is such variety and of course you can never go wrong with a turkey leg. Some of my favorite foods there are the Thai curry fried green beans, sausage on a stick, chocolate covered strawberries, roasted corn, fried pickles, and cheesecake on a stick. (Don’t get the mashed potatoes though, we did and were super disappointed they were just store bought potato flakes and we ended up throwing most of it away.) But Glorious Food!

But by far my favorite things about the renaissance festival is the crowd participation. The employees dressed up which is super fun, but festival goers get just as into the theme and some people seriously commit. The red devil guy told me it takes him 3 hours to get his whole look on. Incredible. I just love people loving life and embracing such a fantastical place and going for it. Yassss!

That’s as dressed up as I got, but I could just sit there all day people watching. It was a wonderful birthday filled with so much fun and laughter and I felt so loved surrounded by so many good friends. We were tuckered out by the end of the day, but had big smiles on our faces as we headed back home. Huzzah!

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