A Journey to the Center of the Earth

Alternate title: The time I visited the Equator museum 🙂

But before we get to our last Ecuador recap post, can I just tell you how fantastic is has been living closer to work?! I have been enjoying the many luxuries those who live in the same city they work in enjoy. The dogs have been loving the extra time I have at home too and we got outside over the weekend and potted up some new plant friends. They are such good helpers.

We saw some pretty amazing plants in Ecuador too. There weren’t many at the museum, but I did come across this beauty.

The museum is literally on the equator (um duh) and you can do all these cool things like flush a toilet on either side of the equator and the water will spin in a different direction, balance an egg on a nail, and lose your balance trying to stand on once leg directly on the line (I couldn’t tell if this was real or if I am just uncoordinated.)

We went on a pretty hot day so we lathered up in sunscreen and enjoyed the massive grounds that included a chocolate making “museum” and tasting. It was so cool and you could try all kinds of chocolate-y treats in the cafe at the end.

We had to try out this incredible ice cream that reminded me a lot of gelato in Italy. They spin it in bowls over trays of ice.

It was such a fun time! We were super lucky and had an incredibly kind Ecuadorian couple that were friends with one of our team members touring us throughout the day which added so much more interesting context to the day. They were super nice and drove us to an outdoor market to do a little shopping after the museum.

We worked up quite an appetite walking around in the sun all day and had some fantastic food at a highly recommended restaurant. It did not disappoint.

After our lovely market trip we headed back to Quito for our last day in Ecuador. 😦

On our last day we went out to a fun, fancy dinner with our whole team at Hotel Quito. It was almost Easter by that time and all the restaurants were serving this special Easter soup that was soooo delicious and had a ton of different beans in it and hard boiled egg.

Finally we headed to the airport and had to say goodbye to Ecuador. I had such an amazing trip and hope it isn’t the last time I travel to that amazing land.


Writing all these recaps has me missing Ecuador. What country do you miss the most?

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