Fancy Favorites

Hiya and Happy Monday, Friends! How was your weekend? I thought we’d kick off the day with some favorites. From the smallest moment to a big event, I am always trying to recognize the good things in life and absorb as much happiness from them as I can. Here are a few things I found happiness in this week!I took a trip downtown for high tea at the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa with my friend Amy last week and we had so much fun! The Brown Palace holds a special place in my heart. My aunt, my mom, and I went there for tea when I was a little girl for my birthday once and I had never felt fancier in my life. There was a little girl there around the same age I had been who announced to her waiter that this was her very first tea. *sniff* omg my heart, it was so sweet. The staff is top notch and makes you feel like a princess whether you’re 10 or 31 29. 😉 Ps. I wish I had gotten a full picture of Amy’s top, it was gorgeous and she looked so sophisticated. The food is so tasty and I made good use of my scone to funnel as much clotted cream as I could into my face. Of course the tea is the highlight and the house blend did not disappoint.The difference between taking tea as a ten year old and as an adult is that you can add on a spot of bubbly to your tea. We both tried the sparkling wine and I splurged and had one of their cocktails called At The Ballet. It was described as a fun grapefruit-y type drink but when it came, Amy and I were pretty sure they misunderstood my order and brought us a glass full of bourbon with a grapefruit shred in it. As a fairly typical representation of my personality, I did not return it even though it was probably the worst drink I’ve ever had. We took turns sipping it and making hilarious faces. It ended up adding some comedy to the outing. Needless to say, I don’t plan on going to the ballet at the Brown Palace again anytime soon. The rest of the afternoon was perfection and I loved soaking up the classy, old fashioned atmosphere. We were serenaded by a wonderful piano player during tea and this string band began playing as we were leaving. Love it!! We stopped at Earl’s on the 16th St. Mall for one more glass of bubbly before making our way home. It was such a fun day!More fancy favorites this week includes this amazing St. Killian’s cheese. It’s a Delice de Bourgogne and is amazing with some salami and crackers. I’ve eaten half by myself already this week and have even just started dipping raspberries in it when I walk through the kitchen. I might need a cheese intervention. Another favorite this week has been looking back at some puppy pictures of the dogs. Some one on Facebook started a thread of then-and-now pictures of their dogs and I jumped in wholeheartedly. Doesn’t baby Gryffy squeeze your heart! Baby Bodie was pretty cute too. Little Bo was a much sassier pup than Gryffy. I love that little turd.That last picture reminds me of the mosquito massacre I sustained in Costa Rica that gave me all those bug bites on my legs. But that was definitely a favorite as well. And finally, the most exciting news this week is that I’ve signed up for two races in May! I am stoked to start training again and will be running the Colorado Marathon Half and the Run the the Shrine race at my zoo in May!The Colorado Marathon race is my absolute favorite and is also the first race I ever ran in. I originally ran the 5k but this time will be tackling the half. I am super excited to train for another half and can look forward to all that hard work paying off for the Run the the Shrine race too which is just a couple of weeks after the CO Marathon.Run to the Shrine is a four-mile race up to the the Shrine of the Sun at my zoo.You run right through the Zoo and it’s way fun being on the Zoo family team because you are running next to all your friends and coworkers. Everett plans on running with me again this year. I can’t wait! I plan on having a different approach to my training plan this training cycle and will fill you in on that more next time. I hope you have a wonderful week!


What was your favorite part of the weekend?

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