January Happiness Project Check In

Good morning and Happy Monday, friends!! Are you ready to take on the week? I’m coming off of a long, productive weekend full of completing overdue tasks and catching up on things. It’s almost the end of the month and I thought I would check in and tell you guys how my happiness project has been going!

That’s on the first page of my “happiness journal” I use to track my project progress. I try to write in it everyday and reflect on how I think the project is going. Like Rubin’s Project, I am focusing on a few key action steps each month. Also like her project, I chose to focus on boosting energy this month and making sure I’m feeling as healthy as I can be to really give the project my all.

Those bananas quickly became delicious breakfast muffins. Yum! One goal is to eat veggies with every. single. meal. I initially thought this goal would be difficult to achieve because I am not a huge raw vegetable fan. And….(all my vegetarian, vegan, and healthier than me friends are about to shake their heads) I don’t like salad. I know! Salad is to health as popcorn is to movies. How can I ever expect to eat more veggies if I hate the Michael Phelps of all veggie preparations?! While I actually eat salad fairly often because my common sense tells me my body will thank me for it, I have been sticking to my favorite veggies for this challenge in order to best set myself up for success. I love to eat sliced raw bell peppers. Some people think that’s gross, but it’s been so easy to chop up a couple of peppers on Sunday and have a little veggie side for every lunch for the rest of the week. If you recall, I’m also in the midst of a plastic-free challenge at work. It’s been super easy to pack my peppers into my Tupperware’s and store them at work so I’m not buying single use plastic containers with pre-prepped veggies from the grill.

Besides eating better, I have a host of small goals I’m trying to achieve everyday.

As you can see, I’m very high tech with how I’m tracking my progress. 🙂 The first column is about organizing my closets and drawers. Crushing it…..

You can also track when Bodie ate each color of dry erase marker I have.

Look at that sassy puppy face. That lip tells me we are 1.5 seconds away from an impatient bark in my ear. He thinks I’m so boring. So does Gryffy.

I am also working on more pre-planning and preparing for the work week. Preparing whole wheat banana muffins at the beginning of the week and freezing more for the next week has been surprisingly easy and so convenient!

Every night before bed I stuff some fruit, yogurt, and a giant handful of spinach in my little blender so I can blend it up first thing in the morning and grab a muffin on my way out the door. The smoothie is actually really tasty even though it’s bright green and the muffins are soft and really good warmed up.

Focusing on getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and keeping the house tidy throughout the week are some other goals this month. While some goals are easier than others, I’m pleased with how I’ve done so far. Of course, life happens and some days I am more motivated than others.

Yeah, wine will definitely slow down breakfast prepping 😉 So far I’m still really enjoying the project and can see why Rubin’s concept has been so popular. I’m excited to begin February’s goals and see where it all goes from here! I hope you have a wonderful week!


What do you eat for breakfast?

7 thoughts on “January Happiness Project Check In

  1. I had homemade muesli with homemade yoghurt and some milk for breakfast this morning. The muesli is super easy to make in big batches and it usually lasts me for 2-3 weeks. By making my own, I can control what goes in it as well (i.e. no sugar!).

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      1. It’s simple really. I use about 3 parts rolled oats to 1 part dried fruit (usually sultanas, but sometimes dates or apricots) to 1 part nuts. I toast the oats in the oven for 7 minutes at 200C, then spread the nuts on top and bake for a further 7 minutes. Sometimes I add coconut flakes for the final 2 minutes. Then I let everything cool, add the dried fruit and store!

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