Humpday Highlights

Well hello there! The new year took us by storm and it has felt like go go go all month. Never fear, I have still been making my happiness project a priority and will be writing up my first month’s check in soon. Spoiler: eating veggies has been surprisingly easy, organizing closets and drawers….not as easy.

It’s easy to eat veggies when they are covering up delicious ramen. I thought we would do a bit of a catch up in the form of some Humpday Highlights. (Very similar to Friday Favorites….but on Wednesday! I’m so witty!)

I could probably do a whole post on all the good eats that have been in my life lately. The sushi was from my second favorite sushi place in Denver, Hapa Sushi. (My fave place is Sushi Den.)

We also hit up Sassafras again for some yummy brunch. The food was so good I couldn’t even stop to take a picture. The Cajun Benedict is amazing.

Harry Potter is always a favorite of mine and I’ve been marathoning my way through the movies with the pups. They love it too! My HP love is shared by many of my coworkers. 🙂

This book is amazing. I find personal meaning in so many of her words. I literally can’t stop reading this.

Our spin bike at home is very well loved and we needed to go to the bike store to get a new pedal. Everett found these cycling shoes for a super deal and is thrilled to have a new pair to spin in.

I got together with some friends at Dave and Buster’s last weekend to celebrate what we call our “Annual Dave and Buster’s Sh*t Show”. We’re classy, I know 😉

It’s always a good time with these peeps and we took the arcade by storm.

We refueled with some snacks and our own personal beer tower. Lol the tower was probably a heavy contributor to how poorly many of us felt the next day.

I love these goobers

We goofed around until we were all poor again and had a fantastic time.

That pretty much catches us up! I’m just cleaning the house and getting ready for a fun weekend hiking and shopping for some new gear for an upcoming trip I’m taking. More on that soon! I hope you guys have a fantastic Humpday and are ready to cruise into the weekend! Until later, friends!!


What arcade game are you best at?

What’s the best part of your day today?

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