a little Running Gear Guide

Howdy all! I hope you are wrapping up a good first week of the year! January is a time of resolutions and goals so to kick it off, I thought I would put together a little guide of my favorite gear. All you really need to go running is a good pair of running shoes.

Running shoes can be pricey, but it truly so worth it. Getting fitted for a real pair of running shoes changed my life the first time I bought some Mizunos. Running in any old pair of sneakers isn’t good for your feet. Invest, trust me on this. I wear Mizunos because they are what works for my feet. My husband wears Saucony’s and loves them. One thing I’ve learned is even if a blogger swears by a certain brand or everyone in your running group is wearing the same brand, you really need to find what works for you. All feet are different so go out and try on quite a few different kinds if you’re just starting out. The employees at my local running store are incredibly nice and knowledgeable and always help me get the perfect pair. Check out Runner’s Roost if you live in Denver, they’re fantastic.

A treadmill. This baby has changed my life. Especially living in Colorado, there are many days that it is super cold and icy out and I am NOT excited to get outside for a run. My treadmill and I have logged hundreds of miles together and I love it. Bodie loves to watch the belt speed by as I run.

My garmin is such a useful, fun tool that I use on all my outdoor runs. It tracks your pace, time, mileage, and gives you a detailed account of the run when it’s over with all kinds of fun information. I love statistics so reading the distances, elevation changes, and paces are totally my jam. I love my little pink watch, but they have a huge variety for every taste.

Wireless headphones are amazing. I was forever getting caught up in my headphone cord when I would run or I would awkwardly lace it through my shirt to get it out of the way. Just the absence of that little annoyance makes the run more enjoyable. Plus the sound is great. I haven’t noticed any change in sound quality switching from a cord to wireless.

A foam roller and a big fitness ball are also great items to have on hand if you run. All those miles can leave your muscles tight and sore. The foam roller is great for tight muscles although it is pretty painful rolling everything out sometimes, but so worth it when the torture is over. I use the ball for some core exercises. A stronger core allows for better running form and fewer injuries.

A couple of running buddies will also add some excitement to your run. In my case, we all stick together whether we are all running or just me on the treadmill. They are so loyal, I imagine they are cheering me while they watch the belt fly by.


What is your favorite piece of running gear?

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