Have a Very Harry Christmas!

“Do people usually give their house-elves Christmas presents?”

-Harry, Half-Blood Prince

I took this Harry Potter quiz the other day and got house-elf as my result. I’m happy with that! I am lucky enough to have some fantastic friends that not only humor my Harry Potter fascination, but will actively encourage it. Last week we got together to do something I had been super excited about since we first talked about it. My friend, Allison, has a Harry Potter Clue game and thought it would be fun to get some friends together and take the game to Union Station in downtown Denver.

Union Station at Christmas time is magical with beautiful decorations and a buzzing atmosphere. Tons of people are coming and going excited to celebrate with friends and family for the holidays and at the center of it all are dozens of leather chairs and heavy wooden tables to sit and wait for a train or socialize.

It was packed when we arrived and it took a while to find a place to set up our game board. We finally settled down at a table and began our game!

It was a ton of fun (way more interesting than regular Clue) and I had a blast sipping my cider and people watching in between rolls. I imagined I was on Platform 9 3/4 for the next couple of hours and it truly turned into an incredibly memorable, magical evening with friends.

We decided to take an Uber downtown and I was sooo glad we did. It was snowing hard when we left the station.

I always remind myself I am such a lucky girl to have friends willing to drive all the way to Denver to hang out and I think this memory will quickly become an annual tradition.

Even with the holiday season winding down, I am still in a pretty festive spirit. It probably helped that we actually celebrated Christmas in my house a couple days late and extended the fun a little. The 16th St. Mall still looks jolly and bright.

We headed over to Little India for some delicious food and people watching.

They had some live music which added some ambiance.

The dal soup was super hot and delicious.

We got my favorites, chicken curry and saag paneer.

I love naan bread more than pretty much every other bread in the world. It took all my self control not to eat the entire order myself.

It was a scrumptious meal and I have been wanting more Indian food ever since.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Are you a Harry Potter fan?

What’s your favorite Indian dish? I always want to try new menu items, but am nervous because I don’t know if I’ll like the flavors. Recommendations appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Have a Very Harry Christmas!

  1. So don’t think I’m too stupid but I LITERALLY just got the whole reason why you wanted to play HP Clue at Union Station……I thought “Oh it’s just a cool place to go!”, and it NEVER dawned on me that it was very Platform 9 3/4-ish until just now……….I feel ashamed….

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    1. Full disclosure: I didn’t have the Platform 9 3/4 idea until after we got there, it wasn’t my original idea for going. I was also in it bc it was a cool place to go. 🙂


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