Georgetown Christmas Market and some catch up

Hi guys! Sometimes so much life is going on there is no time time to blog about life. But we’re here together now so let’s catch up! The best part of the last couple weeks was the Georgetown Christmas Market!! This beautiful mountain town is full of beautiful little shops and a ton of Christmas cheer.

The market is in the center of Main Street and has a variety of beautiful wares and homemade gifts for any taste.

Those are little bitty rings of food items. They were so charming and I just loved them. After the market we walked around the shops.

We had some fun trying on hats in one shop. Cheerio, Gov’na!!!

And I died over these lamps. So pretty.

Georgetown is such a cute mountain town and you could definitely empty your wallet on all the Christmas decor. I want it all! I had to contain myself.

It was a great day and it was topped off with some super delicious Mexican food at Lucha. The tacos were on point.

We’ve been having some fun nearer to home lately too. We stopped by Sam’s no. 3 for some eggs benny last weekend.

And then I went home and made more breakfast food in the form of blueberry muffins. These turned out great, but they are so addictive I had to give most of them away.

The Christmas festivities don’t end at home either. The zoo puts on an event called Electric Safari throughout the holiday season and you can spot some pretty awesome primates glowing around the tapir yard right now.

I can’t wait for Christmas Day, guys!! All this wonderful holiday cheer that has been floating around all month has me prepped and ready for a great day of food, family, and friends. We come in a bit early when the Electric Safari event is happening which is rough when your alarm clock goes off, but so worth it when you get to work.

And it sounds like all this unusual mild weather might turn into a white Christmas just in time. The bears will be happy about that.

But before we pull out all the stops on Christmas Day with ALL THE FOOD, I still need to run my race!! The Christmas Carol 5k is this Saturday and I am ready to go. I’ve been keeping up with my training and while I never run for speed, I think this is going to be a good race for me. Wish me luck!!


Anyone else racing this weekend?

Are you ready for Christmas?


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