Glen Eyrie Madrigal

Guys! Are you feeling all the Christmas vibes?!?! I believe that some years feel more festive than others and it’s been a few years since I’ve really felt the magic of Christmas. But let me tell ya, last night I was getting ALL THE FEELS at the Glen Eyrie Madrigal Banquet in Colorado Springs. It is an elaborate 16th century inspired banquet held every year at the beautiful Glen Eyrie castle.

The decor, costumes, and amazing staff make this event truly one of a kind and special. We checked into our hotel rooms on grounds and got all gussied up for the big dinner!

As we walked up to the castle, a bagpiper performed traditional Christmas music. I’ve always been so impressed by bagpipers. I could barely play the flute growing up.

As we made our way inside we were greeted by so many friendly staff and enjoyed some beautiful music by the talented singers. We drank some wassail and wandered around the tea room and main floor.

Both of my men were looking very handsome and I was feeling pretty fancy myself. Some women wore gorgeous, glittering ball gowns and everyone was clearly dressed to the nine’s with their best jewelry and dress. It was such a special night.

Trumpets called us to attention and we ascended the grand staircase to the Great Hall. The hall is incredible. The photos don’t do it justice. We were at the Bedford table which sat a dozen people.

The banquet began after the Lord and Lady greeted us and the food was presented. I absolutely revel in elaborate ceremony and soaked up every moment. The food was amazing.


With every new course, they provide different entertainment. The singers, dancers, actors, and overall ambiance made the night so incredibly wonderful and entertaining.

(That is not a real boar’s head!) After a delicious meal, we listened to a few more excellent songs and toasted our Lord and Lady with some sparkling cider and made our way back downstairs. The entire dinner took 3 1/2 hours which blew me away. The minutes flew by.

The night was truly magical and I will never forget it. I attended the Madrigal over 20 years ago with my mom and dad and this was an effort to connect with my dad and maybe relive some of those magical memories. Mission accomplished!! We also attended the Madrigal with my aunt and uncle a few years ago. It is always beautiful and well done.

We decided to spend the night on grounds instead of driving back to Denver at such a late hour. We were so glad we did that. The next morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast and wandered around the grounds.

We stayed in the Bighorn lodging house and didn’t think much of it until some bighorn sheep meandered by as we were leaving. Love it!!

It was such a beautiful, memorable night and I am so grateful we had a chance to make a memory like this with my dad. If you are ever near the Springs around Christmas time, consider the Glen Eyrie Madrigal. As someone who works for an organization that values the guest experience above so much, the customer service at Glen Eyrie was so appreciated. I can’t remember the last time I was so well looked after. We can’t wait to go back again!


Do you like period experiences?

Me: love them! Renaissance fair, madrigals, anything like that, sign me up!!

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