Festive Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!! It was a busy week and I’m glad to be sailing into the weekend. My dad was able to come up and visit for a few days so we are in full holiday spirit mode as we pack a lot of Christmas fun into a few days.

So let’s get to some Friday favorites! First up, Christmas cookies!

*Christmas cookies are one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. (I did not make these amazing sugar confections.) The baking, the sharing, and of course the eating just bring people together with sugary goodness unlike any other time of year.

*Kind of the same as Christmas cookies, bread baking just brings people together. It’s a fun, warm way to spend time during cold winter nights. I whipped up some blueberry banana nut bread the other day and have been munching on it all week. Bodie jumped up on the counter and swiped a slice the other day too, little punk.

*Of course the pups are always on my favorites list. Those two keep me endlessly thinking entertained and bring me so much joy.

*Snow. We finally had a dusting of snow and the flurries were whirling about at work the other day. It’s hard for me to get into the holiday spirit without a little snow. Obviously this one is probably pretty regional. I’m sure many of you can celebrate without snow, but I need some glittering little flakes to make the season feel right.

Is hard to tell, but it is actually snowing in that picture.

*Time with friends and family. The holiday season is really made special by those we love around us. Coming together and spending quality time together over food and drinks is one of my favorite parts of the season. Last night, we headed out to Trails End Taproom to check out Colorado Springs first self-pour taproom.

The concept was a lot of fun and you get a card that measures out your pours and you pay at the end for what you drank.

The wine handles were great, but you got A LOT of foam when you poured a beer. The staff assured us you weren’t charged for the entire cup full of foam and only the couple ounces of beer at the bottom. While I appreciate I didn’t pay for it, it didn’t change the fact that it was unappealing to drink with all the foam on top. The food was great. The pizzas were so good, especially the bbq chicken. They had a variety of yummy, locally sourced food.

We met up to catch up with an old friend and had a wonderful time telling stories and laughing all night. While the atmosphere was great, and I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned anything negative about a restaurant on the blog before, the staff left a lot to be desired. They seemed to have a hard time understanding our questions about the huge amount of foam we got when we poured the beers and the gentleman running the register seemed to really struggle to explain it without getting defensive. I always appreciate a smile and eye contact when I interact with employees since I spent many years working retail and know what it’s like to deal with challenging customers. I’m sure he was just having an off night, it happens as to us all. Maybe we’ll give the taproom another try. It had a fun theme and I loved the partnerships they’ve formed with nonprofits in the area.

*My last Friday favorite is more of a mindset than an actual thing. Keeping the joy and happiness in the season isn’t always easy. Making the effort to be light and enjoy our loved ones can really strengthen relationships and increase personal happiness, but it can take some effort some times. I’m so glad I can surround myself with positive, loving people that help make that effort a little easier.

I hope you are having a great day and get a chance to get out there and celebrate this wonderful time of year. We’re packing up to head down to Glen Eyrie for a Madrigal banquet. It’s this amazing old manor house that looks a bit like a castle. Every year they host a gorgeous 16th-century inspired banquet full of period costumes, food, and entertainment. It’s a super fun event that is so Christmas-y it would melt the heart of even a die hard grinch. I attended it for the first time in the 5th grade with my parents and remember how magical it all felt. We’ve attended again as adults with my aunt and uncle and had a wonderful time. I’m super excited to share it again with my dad! It should be a great night. Have a magical weekend!


What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

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