Thankful things and holiday explosions

Happy Saturday, my friends! How was your Thanksgiving?! I hope it was full of food and family.

It was a fun day over here and it started by sharing Thanksgiving with the zoo animals in my care.

The tapirs got some pumpkin pie. 🙂

The monkeys got mashed potatoes and sloths munched on some green beans (their favorite treat!)

Sloth. Photo courtesy of Nicole Beauvais

After the animals were fed, we made our way over to the Thanksgiving pot luck to feast. It was a great lunch enjoying all my favorite people and favorite foods. We can be a rowdy bunch and usually end up doing stuff like having whip cream game competitions.

It was tough moving around after lunch, luckily we closed a bit early so I could dash back to Denver and get my comfortable “eating sweats” on to take on round two of Thanksgiving at home. I didn’t make it much longer after eating dinner and had an early night. I didn’t even take pictures of my food, probably because I was too focused on inhaling every bite of goodness.

After Thanksgiving, we immediately immediately jump into Christmas decorating mode. This is my absolute favorite time of year and I love decorating the house and preparing and baking the whole month of December up until the big day.

Don’t be fooled, I wear mismatched Christmas socks year-round. That isn’t a nod to the holidays. The tree is though, I just love the sparkle and magic a Christmas tree provides.

When I was a little girl I would just stare at the tree for hours. (Yeah I know that’s weird.) The dogs got in on the action as well. Such good helpers.

All of this eating means it’s even more important to be getting in those runs too. We’ve all been getting in some miles, some of us get them in faster than others. 😉

The weather has been just beautiful this week and we’re taking full advantage of the sunshine. I hope you guys get to take some extra time off work to spend quality time with your loved ones and get out in the sun! A friend had this outside her office the other day. It’s the perfect time of year to channel some serious joy and happiness, people! Even if you’re a bit grinchie, let’s get out there and share our time, money, and love with those who need it.


What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Me: Green bean casserole foreva

Did you do any Black Friday shopping?

Me: no… I did make one special purchase online though.

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