Ristorante Del Lago dinner date

Hey hey! I’m checking in today to tell you all about our dinner at Ristorante Del Lago located in Colorado Springs. We usually don’t eat at such fancy places as the the Broadmoor Hotel so it was fun to get dressed up and do something a little different.

The service was very impressive and we felt so well taken care of. We started out with a cheese and meat plate. 

If you left the table to use the restroom or something, someone would come by your seat and fold your napkin into a fancy shape while you were gone. I was a little startled when a girl came over and just smiled and folded Everett’s napkin into a fan and just walked away lol. The wine list was fancy and I just stuck to what I know I like, prosecco. The next course was the pasta course. I had clams in a white sauce with spaghetti. So, so good.

Everett had the prime rib and it was delicious. Everything was really so tasty. I’d love to go back.

We finished off the night with tiramisu and gelato. Yum yum yum!

We walked around the grounds for a bit. We went out to see the lake, the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Everett really likes geologic formations and all kinds of rocks so we spent some time checking out their cool crystal display.

Kind of a fun story: I was adopted as a baby and my parents met the adoption agency representative at the Broadmoor Hotel to pick me up! My parents took me back when I was ten years old to show me around. This room has been renovated, but is close to exactly where they held me for the first time.

It was a lovely night and definitely worth the drive from Denver. I can’t imagine eating fancy meals like that all the time though. The couple behind us was telling their waiter how they always get a particular bottle of wine at a different restaurant because it such a good deal at $1,300! Is it magic wine?! Yeah, I just can’t imagine. 

Well I need to sign off here and go run some errands. We have a fun week ahead including some house guests and bread baking. Should be fun! Have a great Saturday!


Tell me about the fanciest meal you’ve ever eaten!

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