Friday Favorites: Fall Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!! The weather is perfect and I’ve been enjoying everything fall. This is the most beautiful time of year.

I was all signed up for a race in November, but some schedule stuff has moved around and I don’t think I’ll be racing it. I’m thinking maybe a fun Christmas themed run instead. Without a race to look forward to, it can challenging to stay motivated. I need to download a new playlist or podcast. That usually gets me out the door. Feel free to share how you get motivated in the comments! I could use ideas. 

There has however, been no shortage of eating around here. Fall makes me crave soups, breads, and all the comfort foods. My friend just moved downtown and we set out to check out her new neighborhood and tried out Kinga’s for some Polish food. Pierogies are my jam.

It was a great meal and we are excited to check out more of the neighborhood the next time we visit her. We’ve also been breakfasting like pros and hit up Devil’s Food Cookery for one of the best scrambles in town. Yes, those strips on top are Brie. *angels singing* 

Everett’s eggs Benedict was so good. I love this place. It has an old fashioned theme and all the decor is so fun.

All that food has me thinking I really need to get out and log a few miles. Maybe this blog post will be just the push I need to get out the door today. 

I thought I’d throw in some Friday favorites before I sign off. 

This is my favorite body wash. You can buy the bottle and then just purchase this refill after that. One refill equals four bottles of body wash. It’s a good way to save some plastic and it smells amaaaaaazing. 

My friend sent me this shot of her daily calendar and the puppy is an Italian Spinone like Gryffin! This looks just like baby Gryffy and it melts my heart to think of him when he was a puppy. 

He was so tiny the day we brought him home. Now he is close to 100 pounds and is still my little cuddle bug. 

My little loves at the zoo have been extra cute lately too.

Eva, the black howler monkey was playing with one of her favorites, a chow bag. The bags their dry pellet food comes in double as a fun toy that they find treats in and like to hide in and jump in and out of. It’s too cute. 

Rosie, the Andean bear is just the best little old lady bear. She is searching for the apples I just tossed on the ground. I feel like she’s not impressed that she had to walk around and find them all. 🙂 Andean bears live in the high elevations of the Andes mountains in Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru. They share the same habitat as mountain tapirs.

Photo cred: Ashley Arimborgo

Both of these amazing species are endangered and could use our help. The Andean Bear Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to studying and saving both Andean bears and mountain tapirs. Like their Facebook page if you want to learn more about these majestic animals and their efforts to save them in the wild.

I think those are all my favorites for now. One more picture of Rosie bear because she is so stinking cute.

I hope everyone has a fun weekend ahead of them! 


How do you get motivated for a run?
What’s your favorite breakfast food?

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