Let’s play catch up!

Well long time, no see! Life has been crazy (in a good way) lately and I wanted to pop in and catch up with you. After our wonderful trip to Carbondale we headed back to work and our regular routine. Everett was given this dollar bill with some change on our drive back to Denver. 

Isn’t that fun?! We were happy to be reunited with the pups. Although I don’t think they missed us nearly as much as we missed them. 

The weather has been so crisp and full of Fall. I love this time of year!!! We made it out to the Morrison Cider Days Festival last weekend to enjoy some Autumn fun.


We made sure to get these two outside to enjoy it as well. I swear Bodie can almost fly when he gets running, but he wears out fast. Gryff is more of a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of guy. 

Everett and I weren’t in the mood to cook the other night and checked out Kaos Pizzeria for the first time. I loved their patio! The pizza was deeee-lish and we were highly entertained by the group of people next to us getting completely trashed and celebrating a girl named Alyssa’s birthday. They wanted everyone there to celebrate her birthday and I think we toasted to Alyssa at least 3 times, lol. At one point a guy was laying on the ground chugging a wine bottle with his legs kicking up in the air while another guy was just grabbing all the glasss with leftover wine on the table and drinking one after another. I have a feeling their night got even more exciting.  

Work has been busy too and my zoo recently hosted the New World Primate TAG workshop. A bunch of zookeepers and all kinds of zoo professionals come together to share and learn from each other. The topic was New World primates which basically means primates from South and Central America. I work with a variety of monkeys and just loved spending a few days learning about these amazing little creatures and getting inspired by my peers. We also had the opportunity to have a “zoo day” at the Denver Zoo! I interned at DZ in the polar bear area years ago and always love visiting again. We said hello to some of their orangutans while we there. I could hang out with these guys all day. 

That tree makes my heart happy. So does a good grilled cheese and soup. I can’t tell you how happy I am it’s sweater weather. Give me all the soups, ciders, hot chocolates, and Halloween candy. 

Speaking of Halloween candy, did you know that there is a super easy way to help save orangutans in the wild related to your candy choices!? Companies use palm oil in tons of products from body care to food to pretty much anything else you can think of. Some companies source their palm oil responsibly and sustainably and some do not. Palm oil is sourced irresponsibly from forests that beautiful orangutans live in and it has affected their populations in a devastating way. We can help by purchasing products that contain palm oil from companies that are sustainably sourcing it. My zoo has put together this awesome guide to help you make the best choices when purchasing your Halloween candy this year! What an easy and fun way to help conserve such an incredible and endangered animal. 

I think that catches us all up! Guys, let’s not go so long before hanging out again ok?! My fault really. I hope you are having a wonderful week! 


What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Me: Milk duds, starburst, and snickers are life.

What’s your favorite thing about Fall? 

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