Mountain Fun in Carbondale,Colorado

Howdy friends!!! We just arrived home from an amazing mini vacation in Carbondale, Colorado. We were so lucky to spend time with some family and enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

Our stay at Avalanche Ranch was just perfect and I especially loved all the animals everywhere!

This little guy stole my heart!! His name is Tony. Everett’s favorite animal is a donkey so he was in love.

Omg I die. They had such a fantastic ranch and it was all run by the same family. The antiques and gift shop were great too. I picked up this tasteful souvenir. 😉

We stayed in a two bedroom cabin with my aunt and uncle, but got a chance to check out some of the more….”cozy” accommodations. 

The hot springs were fantastic and we loved getting in at night and looking at the stars. 

We saw an apple loving black bear the moment we arrived. She visited us a few hours later right outside our window to our delight….and surprise! Our cabin was just by the apple orchard and we were serenaded by the snaps and cracks of a chubby little black bear trying to climb the apple trees throughout our visit. Love love love! We also enjoyed the ranch’s flock of sheep that came by to mow the grass.

Our cabin was so quaint and personalized. I loved the retro pictures!


They also boast an antique shop that drew my eye.

We made our way up to Marble, Colorado one day, but it was so much fun it deserves its own post. Until later friends, gotta fly!


Where’s the last place you’ve traveled to?? 

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