Weekend Wrap Up

Well hello there! Time has been at a premium this week and I wanted to check in. With house guests to bread baking to training monkeys, it’s been an action packed week and I wanted to share some highlights along the way. Seeing the world in a positive light doesn’t always come easily and it’s important to remember the little things that make us happy. Tell me one thing that was excellent in your week in the comments. I’d love to know what made you happy this week. Here we go!

My wonderful aunt and uncle visited last weekend and we were just thrilled to catch up with them. I especially enjoyed our trip to Sweet Cow for some ice cream. I had the Milena’s Earl Grey Cookie ice cream and it was amazzzzing. 

We also saw a flier for a farmer’s market I’m hoping to check out next weekend. 

My aunt picked up an edition of Paleo magazine and these fancy avocados made me drool. 

We succumbed to eclipse fever and made our way outside during the big moment. I tried to take a picture through some eclipse glasses and without. 

I also caught one of the most beautiful sunrises of the year. #nofilter and all that. 

My dogs are literally being so loud right now that it’s hurting my ears. But I just let them yell because I remember being loud as a child and just loving the feeling of screaming. Happy National Dog Day!!


Whenever Gryffin sits down, Bodie takes that to mean he wants to play more.

We had some amazing summer salads for lunch. I’m not the biggest fan of salads and require my strawberry to lettuce ratio to be 1:1. 

Some friends helped me finish off my latest Harry Potter puzzle. I just love a good puzzle and chatting with friends. That’s my go-to socializing activity if my buddies are up for it. 

I’m about to go upstairs and bake some basic loaves for sandwiches this week. I have an amazing new cook book that has been inspiring me to try out some new breads.

We had our new oven installed today and I’m excited to try it out!

I hope you had a wonderful week. Please share the best part of your week with me! I love hearing what makes you happy. 

Have a great weekend!

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