Life this week

Hiya! How was your week? It seems disingenuous to say I hope you had a wonderful week, although I do hope you did. But in light of what is happening in our world, I just want to share that while I am deeply concerned about the state of our country, I created this space to celebrate the good in the world and to spread some positivity. I won’t speak directly about the issues we’re all facing, but will say that now more than ever, I think it is important to embrace one another and stand together to fight evil. It NEVER hurts to be kind. So this week I’ll be focusing on spreading more kindness around my world. Every choice we make affects those around us, so being kind to ourselves and making positive change in our own little worlds WILL have a positive impact that will stretch far beyond your intimate circle. So let’s all get out there and just be decent human beings! Who’s with me!?


The summer is finally starting to wind down and the thinner crowds at the zoo are always refreshing. It’s been a super busy week and I have family visiting from out of town so this will be a quick hello from me.

I met Hoosier the barn owl this week and just fell in love. Birds are probably the type of animal I work with the least so it’s always wonderful and novel when I do get to interact with these amazing creatures. Shout out to my buddy, Alia, for getting me this awesome meet and greet!

Yazhi, the Rocky Mountain goat also wow’ed her fans with her awesome rock wall climbing antics  this week. I just love that majestic little goat.

Bosco, the Hoffman’s two-toed sloth also made a star appearance which is more unusual for him than our other sloth, Chalupa. He’s much more nocturnal and doesn’t usually come out to say hello when I’m at work during the day.

This is my new little skunk friend that’s been hanging out around the goat yard. I think skunks get a bad rep because of their spray response when they’re frightened, but guys, they are really just the cutest little fluffs you’ve ever seen. I love skunks.

This gorgeous little lady is named Rosemary. Have you ever seen such a fancy chicken? She wandered down by the monkey house the other day and I got a kick out of her head feathers. She’s like a slightly lost Las Vegas showgirl. I desperately want chickens at my house, but I have a feeling the owner of our home wouldn’t be ok with that. Ah well, someday my chicken dreams will come true.

Oh yeah, I still love these two knuckleheads too. They love riding in the car almost as much as the fun we have at the destination. 

My beautiful friend, Ashley, drew this incredible Mountain Tapir! I am stunned at her artistic ability and had to frame this baby right away. 

I baked some banana bread that turned out pretty good. I’ll give it a 9/10. It was a new to me recipe so I was pretty pleased with the results. 

We also stopped into Nixon’s for some coffee. This coffee shop is one of my faves and it’s right across the street from the pup’s vet clinic so it’s always fun to grab a cup after we visit the doggie doctor. 

It feels like a million degrees outside so a cold lunch of cheese and fruit hit the spot. Everett decided to sweat it out with that green chili in the jar in the back. No thank you is all I have to say to spicy foods on super hot days.

And now we’re all caught up! I’m off to have spend more quality time with my family with some puzzle fun so I’ll catch up with you later! Have a great rest of your weekend.


Do you keep chickens?

Share your best banana bread recipes with me pleasssssse! 

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