Sunday Favorites

Good morning and happy Sunday! Are you ready for the new week? I’m sitting here with you now as Bodie flies around the house while Gryff barks in indignation. When Bodie gets the zoomies Gryff gets upset that he can’t run as fast as his little speedy friend. 

We got out to the dog park this weekend and hung out with our new friend, Lucy.

She was the sweetest little dog and fast as a bullet. All three dogs wore themselves out running around like crazy and we left with some tired puppers.

I haven’t checked in for awhile and wanted to catch up with some of my favorites. I got in less running than I would have liked this week, but my work schedule was busier than usual and I did manage to get in over 100k steps last week. Let’s get to some favorites! As always, feel free to share the big or little things that make you happy in the comments. 

*Red Rocks concerts! Everett and I got out to Red Rocks to see The Head and the Heart a couple weekends ago. Seeing a show at Red Rocks is unlike any other concert you’ll ever go to. The sound and atmosphere is incredible and we had a fantastic time. Grouplove opened for them and were equally fantastic. Awesome show!

*Birthday celebrations! It was Everett’s Birthday a few days ago and we met up with some of his family at an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet, Cinzzettis. The food was delicious and I might have gone back for dessert a few times.

His nephew made a homemade birthday cake and cupcakes. It was such a thoughtful thing to do. They were wonderful!

*Home projects. We got some organizing done around the house and I finally put my Beatrix Potter china out in the china cabinet.

I also set up some of my little bottle collection with some fairy lights. It’s the first step towards some fun Halloween decorations. These should look a lot more like potion bottles when the cabinet has some spiderwebs and mini pumpkins in it.

*Cheese plates. A friend was eating a cheese plate at lunch the other day and it got me remembering how much I love cheese. This made an appearance over the weekend and seriously hit the spot.

*Sam’s no. 3 restaurant. We went out for dinner to this local place the other night. We had breakfast for dinner and really enjoyed the vibe of the place. 

*This red-tailed hawk that was just chilling in some one’s front yard. He had just caught a mouse and was playing with his meal before eating it. 

I hope you have some good things planned in the week ahead. I’m looking forward to a visit from my aunt and uncle, the beginning of a training course I’ll be taking for the next couple of months, and baking a couple of new bread recipes. It should be a busy week! Talk to you guys soon!

Tell me some of your favorites today!

What’s the last concert you went to?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Favorites

  1. I’ve never actually been to a concert lol
    An all you can eat Italian restaurant sounds AMAZING!!! there needs to be more of those!
    One of my favorites was training my chicken to paint in bby 🙂

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