Dog Days Half Marathon Recap

Hi hi hi!!! How are you on this beautiful Sunday!? I’m doing great, albeit a bit sore from the race yesterday. Let’s talk about the race! After so many weeks of training and preparing, it all comes down to race day. 

It was a well organized race that started right on time. Everett and I found the park just fine, but realized we parked in the lot farthest away from the start. We needed to put our swag bags in the car so Everett had to run back to the car and drive it over to the closer lot. We cut it close and Everett ran up to the start just as the gun went off. Talk about an unexpected warm up. The course is along the Dry Creek trail system and there were some beautiful views.

It was a small race and I often found myself mostly alone which was kind of different, but not bad. Some coyotes ran in front of me at one point and I stopped and let them make some space between us before I carried on. 

There were two turn around points which allowed me to run past Everett a couple of times which was fun. 

The first 8 miles passed by pretty quickly and I was feeling really good about my pace. Right around mile 9 I started to feel heavy and tired and walked for a bit. 

There was more downhill on the way back towards the finish and I picked up the pace again and made it through miles 10-12 more easily. By then my left foot was hurting (this almost always happens in a long race, I have terribly shaped feet) and I slowed way down on the last mile. Luckily, the last quarter mile is in front of all the finishers and spectators and peer pressure pushed me to run through the finish. 

Finished in 2:44. I’ll take it, thank you very much. That means I hit my “B Goal” woo hoo!!! It’s always a good feeling when you put a lot of training and time into something and you meet your goals. I was equally tired and happy after the race. 

Everett had a great race too! His arthritis in his knees bothered him the last few miles, but he did an awesome job pushing through and finishing!! We celebrated with some pizza and breakfast tacos. It was a great race and a fun day. We got some buy one get one free Chipotle burrito coupons in our swag bags and I’m looking forward to using one today. I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


What do you do to celebrate a big achievement? Ice cream is a go to for me. 🙂

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