White water rafting and race goals

Why hello! This week has passed by so quickly! The race is on Saturday! I’m so excited. My husband is running it with me and it will be his first ever half marathon! He’s going to rock it. I’ve been thinking a lot about goals and think I have landed on my A, B, C goals.

A-2:30 I’m by no means a fast runner, but this goal would mean I run slightly under my regular  long run pace consistently and allows for a bathroom break just in case. 

B-2:45 With the heat (high of 83 degrees so it could definitely be worse) I predict some slowing down towards the end. This goal means I’m still giving good effort and I would be pleased with that time. 

C-Don’t die. Crossing the finish line and celebrating with my hubby will be just fine for me too. Staying hydrated is going to be my number one goal throughout the race. I want to push myself and make all the training I did worth it, but I want to stay safe and no one is going to be very happy if I pass out. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate=my new mantra.

I’ll be sure to check in after the race with some results! But until then, I want to talk about what I did yesterday. The zoo puts together some awesome education programs and the teens that participate will go on fantastic outings like rock climbing and laser tag. My favorite trip they do is white water rafting. Keepers can tag along on these trips and it is really a highlight of my year! 

I love working with teenagers and it’s a great way to get to know them better and do something other than zoo stuff with them. We rafted the Arkansas River in Big Horn Sheep Canyon and had such a blast! 

It was a HOT day, but we were armed with tons of sunscreen and water. I’ve rafted white water many times now and the raft guides were exceptional and it was the best rafting trip I’ve ever been on. 

I loved getting to do something fun with my fellow zookeepers too! There were a lot of us on the trip this year and I think we all had a super good time.

This little dude was in our changing room. We saw big horn sheep, geese, and gigantic dragonflies too. 

I went home soooo tired from all the sun and water and ended up in bed before 8! 


Have you ever been white water rafting? What did you think?

Do you make race goals?

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