Just keep running! Tips to keep going and weekend wrap up

Hiya and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? It’s race week for me!! I am so excited for the race on Saturday. I was running along the Highline Canal again the other day and started making a list of little things I do or think when I’m feeling like quitting running. 

We all have off runs. Maybe you didn’t eat very well for the last couple days, or it’s a thousand degrees out, or it just wasn’t your day and you weren’t feeling it, whatever the reason sometimes we need to really push ourselves to keep running. Now we shouldn’t keep running if something really hurts. Listen to your body, but don’t be afraid to push yourself. 

Here are some of the things I do to keep running. I hope you’ll share anything that works for you in the comments. I’d love some new tips!

*Save a special song that you only play when you’re ready to quit. Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive has been my go to song for years and it still pumps me up.

*Slow down. We don’t have to push it at full throttle the entire run. If you can, slow down but try to keep running. Focus on a smooth, slow pace for awhile until you feel ready to amp it up again. 

*The Hungry Runner Girl put me onto this one. Pump your arms. Focus on pumping your arms harder and your legs will automatically follow. It works, try it!

*Pick a spot in the distance and tell yourself you will run at least to that point. Hopefully the spot you pick is the finish line. 😉

*I usually run with my phone in my hand. Somehow when I switch holding it from my right hand to my left, it relaxes me and feels like everything just got slightly less hard. It’s the tiniest thing in the world, but I’ll take what I can get during a long, hot run. 

*Drink water. And fuel if you’re running a longer distance. It’s easy to deplete all of our energy running and it’s so important that we replenish as we go along. I’ve always heard that if you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Now of course we feel thirstiest during a run, and we can’t guzzle water endlessly, but setting your self up for success by leaving water for yourself along a trail or planning your run around a location you can leave some H2O is always a good idea. 

*Run with a friend. Nothing is more motivating than having a buddy to sweat it out with. And then you guys can sign up for a race together!

*Count. Count your steps, count the cars going by, or count all the cute dogs you see. It gives me something else to focus on besides wanting to stop running. 

*Run with your dog! An energetic buddy running next to you always helps me keep going. Gryff is always willing to help tug me along if need be too. 🙂

That’s all I can think of for now. Be sure to tell me what you do to keep running in the comments! Now let’s wrap up the weekend. 

The pups were telling us they were bored, so we hit the road and headed over to Union Reservoir for some swimming.

Bodie really got into swimming this time and he started retrieving! He just loved his new frisbee toy and would have let us throw it out into the water over and over all day. 

They did great with the other dogs and we met the CUTEST puppy I’ve ever met in my life.

I die. Her name was Minnie. With two tired pups in tow, we headed back to Denver.

While Bodie and Gryff took some long puppy naps, we headed out for some miniature golf!

Adventure Golf was so much fun and we had a blast going through the course.

The best part was that I won! Haha it doesn’t happen very often so I was pretty surprised. 

They also had a ropes course and bumper cars. We definitely need to check those out next time.

After such a fun filled day we kept it pretty easy the next day and ran some errands and made our way to El Noa Noa for lunch.

Once we were full of ceviche and salsa, we took the dogs out for a romp before the rain came in.

And it was back to work! I’m ready to catch up on my Game of Thrones so until next time, friends. 


I wanna hear what helps you keep running! 

Also, are your dogs retrievers? Gryffin will occasionally swim out and bring a toy back, but he much prefers sniffing out hidden toys on land and bringing them back to us. Bodie seems to LOVE water retrieving. 

3 thoughts on “Just keep running! Tips to keep going and weekend wrap up

  1. Bailey is not a great retriever. When we got her and her paperwork said lab we went out and got all these water toys and floating toys and we would through them out, she would go just until the water touched her belly and sat there. So neadless to say, we did not get those water toys back haha;)

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