Exploring and Humpday Highlights 

Howdy and Happy Humpday! How are you!? This week has been super busy, but the good kind of busy. I wanted to check in and talk about some highlights from the week! I’ve gotten out to the Highline Canal for some more running and just love the beauty of that area.

I came across some people walking their pets along the trail. Not your typical dogs…… 😉

Yep, just walking a llama. Nbd. 

Running out in nature can bring on such a wonderful sense of calm for me. Any problems I’m going through can get worked out on a run.  Or I can just plan my grocery list. I spend a significant majority of most of my runs thinking about the food I’m going to eat later. Anyone else? I killed this bowl of fruit in record time when I got home.

We got out and about over the last few days and did some exploring. First we did a quick hike in Boulder. 

Isn’t he getting gigantic?! I looked at this picture after I took it and thought he looks all grown up all of a sudden. We were going to hike the royal arch trail in the Flatirons, but it was PACKED with people. Like they were unloading busses of teenagers and there must have been at least one or two hundred people on that mountain. We found it difficult to navigate the narrow trails with the dogs with hoards of people passing through so we called it a day after a couple miles and decided to move on to phase two of our day’s explorations. We made it out to Gross Reservoir just outside Boulder County and this has to be one of my favorite places on Earth. We discovered the reservoir a few years ago when we just driving around looking for new trailheads and have been back to visit several times since. It’s pretty far out so it’s usually very secluded and we normally don’t run into anybody.

The water is for non-motorized sports only so it’s very peaceful and quiet. We had a little cookout and let the pups run all their energy out.

It got a little chilly right at the end and I had to scramble for whatever clothes I could find in my car to stay warm. I look grumpy because Everett is making fun of my sock/sandal combo.

 It was such a good time. Do you have a place that is just your “happy place”? This is definitely one of mine and my soul felt all rosy and happy when we were done. 

The best food highlight from the week was definitely this little box of goodness. Rainbow rolls for the win every time.

The race is next Saturday!!! Ah I’m so excited! Saturday will be my last long run before the race and then it will be the time to taper. Not this kind of tapir.

Have a wonderful day! 


Anyone racing this weekend? 

Where’s your “happy place”? 

2 thoughts on “Exploring and Humpday Highlights 

  1. Awwwww he’s sooooo huge now!!! What a grown up pup! Good luck on your race! I know you’ll do amazing! And my happy place is definitely the zoo 🙂

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