2 weeks until race day and favorite things 

Very Happy Saturday to you!! Guys, the half marathon is in exactly 2 weeks!! So excited…so nervous. The thing I’m most nervous about is the heat. It’s been HOT here lately and I’ve never been a person to embrace the swelter. Give me some frosty snow and some sub-zero temps any day. But! I’ve been training in the heat quite a bit so hopefully that will count in my favor on race day. Speaking of hot runs, I got out for a sweaty run on the Highline Canal a couple days ago. 

I went out right when I got home from work. I guess I should be grateful it was at least double digits still. 

I was happy I completed the run, but the heat gave me a headache by the end of it. There was a family with their 3 little kiddos doing a massive photo shoot along the trail with professional photographers and clothing changes and stuff. All I could think was that the little girls looked like melting ice cream sitting on the trail in the sun. I wasn’t a creeper enough to get a pic of them, but I also feel like I will melt in this picture so maybe that can give some context.

4 torturous miles later, I made it back to the car and blasted the AC the whole way home. I just love the Highline Canal. It’s a super long trail that has beautiful scenery and is so well maintained. I love all the wildlife nearby.

I’m feeling strong and ready for the race in two weeks! Now let’s get to some favorite things. As always, feel free to share your favorite things in the comments. Part of my philosophy of life is to notice the small things throughout your day that make you happy and to take a second and consciously appreciate them. I think finding the positivity and beauty in all things helps us keep a positive mental outlook as we bump along through this thing called life. So let’s do it!

*FSC logo’d coffee cups. We swung by McDonald’s for some coffees (I actually really like McDonald’s coffee, especially iced coffee, anyone else?) and spotted the FSC logo on our cups! It’s almost like playing a game of Where’s Waldo for me when I am looking for the FSC logo on products and this made my heart happy. 

*This Bird of Paradise flower is just soooo pretty and bloomed in the monkey building at work. I walk by it everyday and smile. 

*My little friends around the zoo. We have an abundant ground squirrel population at work and these little critters are so cute and loveable. They are used to guests feeding them so they’re pretty brave and usually will hang out for the photo op. 

*This beautiful “guest book” at the wedding I attended last week was just the cutest idea. We signed little wooden hearts and dropped them into the frame. So unique and beautiful. I signed one, but the weird one in the center at the top next to Julie’s is mine too. Kim and I have called each other Fork and Spoon (I’m spoon) for over a decade. It dates back to the method we use to eat our ramen noodles and now the nicknames have kind of stuck. Clearly she needed a wee fork and spoon wooden heart to keep for eternity. 

*Thistles are one of my favorite flowers. In college, I took a plant identification course that required me to find 10 wild flowers and properly ID them and press them onto paper and set them to create a collection. I chose a thistle for one of my flowers and I remember it being a beast to press and glue because it was so hearty and big. But I just had to have it because they’re my favorite.

*Rock cairns are everywhere along Colorado trails. We came across an entire field of them over the weekend hiking in Boulder. There must have been over 100 cairns. I thought it looked super cool and it gave me a sense of connection. Like, so many strangers using rocks to make these cairns in a natural place. It felt like a community of humans all connecting to nature in this one spot, it almost made it feel like a sacred spot. 

*Cuddly Bodie. Bodie is still very much an energetic puppy and getting him to sit still for any span of time is still challenging for him. But when he gets really tired, he’ll come over for a snuggle and it melts my heart. He’ll put his paw up because he really wants you to scratch his little armpit. 

*Summer flowers and summer in general. There is something so special about summer. The long, hot days give us time to get out there and really connect with nature. The flowers unleash a riot of color onto the landscape that is otherwise hiding most of the rest of the year. They are like little secret treasure boxes waiting to be opened. 

All right, now tell me the things that make you smile throughout your day! Have a wonderful weekend!


What’s your favorite flower?

Do you try to run early and beat the heat or do you just suck it up and melt? I’m a melter.

2 thoughts on “2 weeks until race day and favorite things 

  1. You’ll do great on the half marathon! My sister is a marathon runner, she just ran Boston this year! I remember how scared she was when she ran her first half, just paced yourself and you’ll be fine :). (she also brings a pack of Welch’s fruit snacks with her for energy).

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    1. Thanks! Wow, Boston! That is such an incredibly iconic race. I’m sure it was so special to her! I love the fruit snack idea. I usually bring Swedish Fish, but fruit snacks sound like perfect fuel.

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