4th of July weekend wrap up

Happy 4th of July!!!!!! Are you watching fireworks tonight? We’re skipping them this year in favor of more sleep for an early morning tomorrow, but we’re throwing some burgers on the grill to enjoy a bit of the holiday. 

Today started out with a very early walk with these two little muffins. 

I heard Katy Perry’s Fireworks song on my drive into work and it definitely help set the mood for a fun 4th of July. 


It was a hot day at the zoo and I fueled with watered down Gatorade and ice cream all day. The bears were in the mood for chillaxin this afternoon. Honey is an Asiatic black bear and she loves summertime. She loves to play in the pool, nap in the shade, and roll around in mud. They are also called moon bears because of that crescent shape she has on her chest. 

I’m a little late on weekend wrap up, so let’s get to it! After the awesome wedding at the beginning of the weekend, I got a chance to visit Denver Zoo with a couple of friends. I had a ton of fun and just loved being able to geek out with fellow zoo buddies about the animals, exhibit design, enrichment ideas, and all things zoo. My absolute favorite part of the zoo is gibbon island. This beautiful white-cheeked gibbon lives on an island with ropes connecting her to other islands and her inside spaces. She swings over guests’ heads to move from place to place and I just loved the exhibit design. She lives with a handsome golden-cheeked gibbon and they seem like just the sweetest pair. 

They have a new tiger exhibit called The Edge. I thought it was super fun that the tigers had pathways above the heads of guests that they could lounge in. 

Photo credit: Ashley Arimborgo

They have great aquatic exhibits as well and we spent a few minutes finding Nemo. 

Photo credit: Ashley Arimborgo

I managed to squeeze in some running too and am getting super excited for the race on July 22! It’s less than 3 weeks away and the race is on my mind A LOT. I’m beginning to think about what I’m going to wear and bring on race day. I’ve really been liking my new wireless headphones so I think I’ll try those out. I always follow the rule to not try anything new on race day so I already have my favorite running outfit ready to go. Everett is running it too and he’s nervous! This will be his first half marathon. I know he’ll rock it, he’s been training really consistently. And it works out perfectly because I’ll have a brunch buddy just as starving as me when it’s over. 

I hope your 4th of July is spent with family and enjoying life. Good night!


What are you doing for the 4th? 

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