Here comes the bride….

Hello and happy Sunday! Are you ready for the week ahead? I had a fun filled weekend that included a wedding and a trip to the Denver Zoo.  I want to talk more about running and the zoo trip in weekend wrap up, but today I just want to share some highlights from the wedding! I was a bridesmaid in this beautiful affair and it was such a fun wedding from start to finish. 

Kim is one of my oldest friends and she was the maid of honor in my wedding!

It was held on a lake front and the setting was just beautiful. The couple had a lovely ceremony and before ya know it, they said *I do*!! 

They used beautiful coastal colors and the decorations were fantastic. I especially loved the little fairy lights around the center pieces.

Dinner was delicious and the speeches were so well done and heartfelt. It was a lovely reception filled with love and laughter.

I loved all the little details the bride and groom put together.  The entire event was really “them”. I loved this sign!

The night passed by in a flash. There was an awesome photo booth with fun props and costume pieces. I definitely went in there at least 3 times, so much fun! We danced the night away and the fun I had more than made up for the sore feet I had the next day. It was a beautiful wedding and I’m so thrilled for my friends. 

Today I’m back to work and excited for the new week. Plans this week include planning a tapir’s birthday party, trying out the New Mexican restaurant that just opened across the street from us, and taking the pups on a hike in Boulder. It feels like a really good week. I hope yours is feeling good too! 


What was your theme/colors at your wedding?

Did you do something really fun and unique like a photo booth at your wedding? 

Not married? What’s your dream wedding look like? 

4 thoughts on “Here comes the bride….

  1. My color was dusty purple. I also has fairy lights, they’re such a beautiful addition to any centerpiece! The “unique – not really that unique” thing we did was have a Polaroid camera next to the guest book for guests to snap a picture of them and their families before writing a little note! It makes it a lot easier to know who wrote what rather than trying to decipher hand writing.

    LOVED the pictures! Looks like everyone had a great time.

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