Training cycle check in and weekend wrap up

Hiiiii! How are you? The Dog Days Half Marathon is coming up fast and I’m over half way through my training cycle so I’ve been checking in and evaluating my progress so far.


Note the new headphones, the hubby won some major husband points for these babies. The weather has been very hot lately and I’ve been “lucky” enough to get in those hot runs I told myself would be great training for this hot race. 

I give myself a B for sticking to my training plan

I was following it really closely until I got sick a few weeks ago and missed quite a few runs. I got back into it but was behind in my weekend long runs. I’ve always been pretty happy if I run at least every other day and I’ve achieved quite a few consecutive days. I definitely get an F for cross training. But we have gotten in some greats hikes lately so I’m counting that. 

I’m feeling good about where I’m at right now and even though race day might hurt a little more than I would want, it’s going to be a good day. I am starting to think about time goals. I think it’s important to have more than one goal. Of course I want a fast (for me) time so I will make that my A goal, but I also want to set a B goal and a C goal. My C goal is usually something like “don’t die or poop your pants”. 🙂 Stay tuned for those goals.

Now let’s wrap up the weekend!

*I got with my favorites for some sushi to ring in year 31 a little bit more before heading back to work after our trip to Basalt

Yeah we killed all that. We take sushi seriously. Dessert was fantastic too. We tried the red bean, green tea, black sesame, and mango mochi. The black sesame was my favorite.

It was a great night and I loved catching up with good friends. 

*I LOVE these hanging flowers. I ran by the same house twice just to see them again.

*And then I found this beautiful creation and lost it for a sec. I want this in my yard so bad. 

And I think we’re all caught up. Monday is over, hurray! Have a great week! 


What kind of goals do you set for yourself in a race? 

Any sushi fans out there? What’s your favorite?

3 thoughts on “Training cycle check in and weekend wrap up

  1. My goals for a race. This time is a 5k is trying to keep running without stopping. Is my first 5k in almost 3 years!

    I saw the photo of the sushi and now I want some sushi hehe! my favorite sushi roll the only place I had try it was in Puerto Rico it have fried sweet platain, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado. and special sauce ( i’m thinking in eel sauce and spicy mayo sriracha). But recently I’m loving the avocado veggie roll.

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