A Birthday in Basalt

Well hello there! How’s the weekend treating you so far? We just arrived home from an amazing mini-vacation to Basalt, Colorado. Yesterday was my birthday and we had a great time hiking, relaxing, and getting away from it all for a few days to celebrate. Our little home away from home was just the cutest.

We used Airbnb to find this adorable place and were so pleased with our pick. The cottage-y loft is owned by an artist that clearly put tons of time into making the space beautiful. The bathroom was stunning.

She did all that glass bead work herself! Can you imagine the time commitment something like that takes!? 

Her property was so peaceful and we enjoyed many happy hours on the patio.

The best part of the trip was hiking to Thomas Lakes. 

This 8 mile hike was incredibly beautiful and the trail was well maintained. We had no expectations going into the hike so we were blown away by how picturesque it was.

The dogs rocked it and had a blast. It was Bodie’s longest hike yet and even though he needed a lot of encouragement there at the end to get back to the car, he did great! 

It was a hot day and both pups took advantage of any water they could find, especially the frozen variety. 

When we reached the lakes we ate some snacks and tried to keep the dogs from swimming all the way to the middle of the freezing cold water.

You could hike further all the way to the summit and Everett and I both agreed we’d like to come back and hike all the way up.

With some tired pups, we headed back to our little home and grilled up some dinner. I sprung for that sweater I had my eye on and lucky thing I did, it was super cold in the evenings. 

We celebrated my birthday with some glazed lemon cake and about a hundred rounds of Uno. The dogs gave me the birthday gift of laying down with each other for the first time ever. Bodie never lets Gryff lay down and rest when he’s around so these moments warmed my heart.  #partyanimals

We’re already back from our quick getaway to Basalt and I wish we could have stayed longer. Some more celebrating will commence this weekend when I get together with some friends for some birthday sushi. Yum! Until later my friends!


Where’s your favorite spot for a getaway?
When is your birthday? 

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