Renaissance festival and weekend wrap up 

Huzzah! And Happy Monday!! I hope your week started off on the right foot. Mine was full of running and fun. Let’s wrap up the weekend.

We headed out to some new to us trails and loved this new spot!

We did the Spruce Mountain trail and had a blast. Gryff has a new halter and it was his first long-ish walk in it, he did great! 

Bodie needed to take a little rest under a bench for a minute.

Five miles and a healthy dose of trees refreshed my soul and we headed home happy (and very tired if you were the puppy in the car.)

The next day, we headed out to one of my favorite events of the year. The Colorado Renaissance Festival usually coincides closely with my birthday so we have made a bit of a tradition of going every year to celebrate. They began a bit early this year, but that worked out perfectly since we will be out of town next weekend. 

The festival is held in Larkspur, Colorado and the buildings are fully constructed and remain on the grounds year round.

 Tons of people dress up in incredibly elaborate costumes from royalty to pirates to fantastical creatures.

 The actors and entertainers are top notch and there are multiple stages with performances throughout the day. 

There are fun games like knife throwing, jacob’s ladder, and throwing tomatoes at this crazy guy. He screams insults at the people throwing tomatoes to get them pumped up. I’ve never thrown tomatoes, but we always stop by to see some unsuspecting people get burned and hopefully get revenge my hitting him with a tomato. 

The people watching is my favorite part of the whole festival. Everyone goes ALL IN on their looks and it is super entertaining to just sit under a tree and watch the crowds go by. 

I ran into a unicorn at one point. 🙂 

The first time I visited this festival as a little girl, my parents got me one of these flower headbands and it was my favorite dress up item for….the rest of my life. If I still had it, I would probably still wear it. 

The food is excellent and we demolished turkey legs, candied almonds, cannolis, sea salt caramels, chocolate covered strawberries (yes I went a little crazy at the bakery), and brought home some creamed honey. 

The new fountain statue lady was one of my favorites. She did some fun waterwork moves to really pretty music. 

They have musicians playing everywhere you go which really sets the mood. 

Usually we stay for the jousting at the end of the day, but it was over 90 degrees and I was not feeling it so we headed out a bit early. We had a wonderful day and went home tired and hot and happy. 

Jumping back into the work week is always a challenge when the weekend is so full of fun, active things, but my short work week is keeping me going. I’m excited to get out of town this week and take Bodie in his first ever vacation! Have a great week, my friends!


Have you ever been to the renaissance festival or something similar? 

Is it hot where you live? The heat is killing me right now and I’m hoping to acclimate soon. 

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      1. Oh yeah, I just made her some watermelon and yogurt ones, she couldn’t figure out how to get the big chunks of watermelon out so she just played soccer with them until they broke, she’s a odd dog haha.

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