TGIF and some trails

Happy Friday my friends! Did you have a good week? Mine was busy and passed by in a flash. Sometimes I feel like I’m planning my day down to the minute. I just love how running lets me take a break from my minute managing and just focus on the present. 

Gryffin loves getting in a good run and we got out to the highline canal today for around 4 miles. Bodie got in a long walk while we were off running so we made sure to stop along the way to give him a snuggle.

Denver and the surrounding areas have some fantastic trails and the highline canal is one of our favorites.

There are a ton of places to hop on the trail. We have a great little booklet that helps us find the best spots.

Getting outside and soaking up some nature always feels so therapeutic. Giant trees and these bright little beauties are good for the soul.

We managed to wrap up our run right before the rain started to come down hard. Perfect timing, it was pouring 5 minutes after we got back to the car.

With the dreary weather and two tired pups, we decided it was a hot soup kind of afternoon. We hit up Panera Bread on the way home for some clam chowder.

This week has felt great and I feel good about my runs. Now that we’re into June, I’m feeling really excited for my half marathon next month! 

I’d like to work harder on doing cross training and more stretching. I sometimes feel rushed to jump right into something else at the end of a run and often regret not stretching out. Lately, I get out of the car like a little old lady and it takes a few steps to fully walk properly, haha. In fact, I’m going to go stretch a bit right now. I think you should too. 

Have a wonderful night! 


What are your favorite stretches? 

What’s your favorite rainy day meal?

4 thoughts on “TGIF and some trails

  1. Agree about the stretching. I do yoga so after runs I’m often rushed and skip stretching with the thought that I will make up for it in yoga class the next day. Really should always make time for that and foam rolling though. Good reminder, thanks!

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