How to know if you’re a runner

Happy Memorial Day!  I took some time today to be thankful for the sacrifice of those who have died while serving our country and their families. I hope you are spending today with loved ones.

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about what it means to be a runner. I just LOVE the running community and how supportive runners are of one another. A couple of you have sent just the sweetest emails and mentioned you’d like to start running, but say you’re not a runner. That’s ok!! Luckily, you don’t have to sign a pact in blood that you are a runner unless you do ultra-marathons. 😉 Otherwise, it’s fairly easy to join the club, because all you have to do to be a runner is……wait for it…….run! Now I’ve heard some people say they can’t run far distances or run fast so they’re not a runner. Or that they only run on the treadmill or running is only cross training for their other athletic sports so they’re not a runner. But I beg to differ!!

If you run, you are a runner. If you run half a block and walk a mile, you’re a runner. If you log all your miles on a treadmill, you’re a runner. If you run one day a week so you’re faster at your favorite sport, you’re a runner. Running is what you make it to be and the second you decide you want to be a runner and you go out and start running, you’re a runner. But be ready, once you become a runner, you are welcomed into a community full of crazy people that love to wake up very, very early and torture themselves in attractive, brightly colored outfits. They will cheer you on if you’re slowing down in a race and will support you if you fail to reach your goals. They are your competition and your cheering squad as you compete against yourself. They are the kindest people you’ll ever meet. So if you’re not a runner, get out there a BE A RUNNER! I’ll show you the super secret handshake if you do.

On that note, I’ve been up to some running lately. A few miles around the neighborhood yesterday. I just love the fun things I come across on my runs.

And I love all of the beautiful gardens. Thank you to every single person who pays attention to their gardens and nurtures these beautiful little utopias. It’s a wonderful distraction when you think your lungs might explode.

I also got in a long run at Sloane’s Lake. Fun fact: My very first date with my husband was at Sloane’s Lake. We had a barbecue with my brother-in-law and his son and had a great time. Wow, that was twelve years ago next month, how time flies!!

I love how late it is staying light out now. That means more outdoor runs for me and more stretching in the grass.

Do my mismatched socks bother you? They drive some people I know crazy, but seriously who has time to match socks together!?

This little friend came over to say hello today.

Spring has finally sprung and I’m loving all the wildlife and weather we’ve been having. We don’t get much rain here, so every storm feels special.

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful time of year and getting some sunshine on your face. Now is the time to get out there and be a runner!


What’s your favorite time of year?

When did you start considering yourself a runner?

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