Friday favorites and the best running blogs

Hi there and happy Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? I’m looking forward to some fun time with the dogs and a long run tomorrow. I’m a little behind in half training since I was sick over the last couple of weeks, but it felt good to get back at it this week.

I thought we should wind up the week with some Friday favorites!

*Zoo breakfast > regular breakfast. Worth coming in early for. 

*This article, 6 ways running improves your health from Runner’s World, is fantastic. I like how it talks about the mental benefits of running as well. 

*Taking these two cuties to the dog park. They love running around and meeting new friends.

*Reading my favorite running blogs. These ladies have been inspiring me for years and I feel like we’re friends. That’s probably weird them. I promise I’m not stalking any of you. 

The Hungry Runner Girl-Janae is a super fast runner that posts incredible pictures of her runs in Utah. She has the two cutest kiddos in the world and is just the sweetest person you can imagine. She’s been motivating me since the first day I found her blog. 
Run Eat Repeat-Monica is a hilarious runner from California that shares her running journey and keeps me laughing everyday. She has run a crazy number of marathons and shares fun recipes. I especially like the dessert recipes.
Ali on the Run-Ali makes me laugh so hard I snort as she shares her journey dealing with Crohn’s disease and keeping healthy and fit. She is so strong and inspiring and has a big love of giraffes so basically I want to be her BFF. 

Peanut Butter Fingers-Julie shares awesome recipes and killer workouts that are always inspiring and motivating me. She has the cutest family in the whole world and the most adorable dog ever. I have wanted a vizsla for years now because of sweet little Sadie. 
*Gryff laying down in a mud puddle. Let’s say this is his Friday favorite, he couldn’t have been happier. I was thinking about how I didn’t bring a towel to the dog park. 🙂

*The subsequent visit to the dog wash. Gosh they are so cute when they get baths. 

I hope you have fun plans for the weekend. Tell me your Friday favorites and have a great night!

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