Happy Things! 

Hi and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one. The Run to the Shrine race was definitely the highlight of my weekend. I’m back to regular half marathon training tomorrow and am excited to get back to it after being sick. I know Mondays can be a bit of a downer for some people, so I thought I would share some little things in my life that give me big amounts of joy. I hope you’ll share in the comments some of the little things that give you happiness. I think it’s important to be mindful of the little things in our lives that can give us happiness and to consciously acknowledge them when we come across them. (omg so deep) These are just a few things that brighten my day and put a smile on my face. 

*The hubs taking time out of his day to fix my spin bike. I’m not the handiest with tools (but I’m always trying to improve! I do have some #skillz if I can use an unlimited amount of zip ties.) Also, Gryff is such a good helper around the house. He takes his supervisory role quite seriously. 

*Spring flowers! I just love love love flowers. Flowers inspire my imagination and I am constantly daydreaming about the twinkling fairies that must live in these beautiful bright petals. These little blooming gems give me so much joy. The smell of roses reminds me of my mom. The smell of honeysuckle reminds me of jumping in the lake in Mississippi. The smell of cherry blossoms takes me back to my college campus. Flowers are just wonderful, aren’t they?

*Walking my dogs. I just love watching Gryff and Bodie explore the world. Gryff is searching for his favorite scents and has his eyes out for rabbits. For Bodie, everything is new and amazing and it give me so much joy to see the world through his eyes for a bit. 

*My wool socks. These thick socks keep my always cold feet so warm. Every single time I put them on it makes me happy. Like I think about them as I’m driving home from work they make me so happy. 

*Puppyhood. Bodie is such a sweet little pup and his sense of adventure and constant joyful mood are contagious. Not an hour goes by that he doesn’t make me smile. I just love that little guy. 

*The view from my “office”. I am one lucky girl to work at the zoo and it’s extra special because of its location on a mountain. I can’t imagine any corner office I’d prefer over this. 

*Chipotle. Some nights there is nothing better than a giant burrito bowl and a warm tortilla. This hit the spot.

Tell me what makes you happy! I hope you have a wonderful week!

7 thoughts on “Happy Things! 

  1. Well the zoo of corse, my sweet Bailey girl, and school almost being over! Your such an amazing person Michelle! This hit the spot for reading tonight!!

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  2. The zoo will always be at the top of my list, hearing the monkeys calling from chicken yard always makes me smile 🙂
    My chinchillas, labs, and winnie bird make me happy
    I love spring flowers! Lilacs are my favorite
    Strawberry season is the best and yummiest season 😉

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