Run to the Shrine and random photo dump

Hello! First off, let me say a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there! Whether your kiddos be babies or full grown adults, covered in fur or scales or feathers, or a collection of water balloons with drawn on faces that live in your dresser drawer (yes, I did that once, we were such a happy family. I made them furniture out of Kleenex boxes.) I hope your Mother’s Day was filled with peace and love. Throwback to me and my momma when I was just a wee teddy bear.

I’ve been super sick this week. Whatever I have completely wrecked me at the beginning of the week and I’m still feeling it. Needless to say, running has been off the table and I’ve been trying to maximize hours of sleep as much as possible. Perfect time to run a race, right!? Haha, well that’s kind of what I’m doing this weekend. My zoo hosts an awesome 4-mile race every year called Run to the Shrine. The Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun sits above the zoo on the mountain and a bunch of crazy people get together and literally run up a mountain to get to it. I’m super excited to participate, but it’s pretty unlikely I’ll be running it this year. My chest feels like it might explode every time I cough so a walk to the Shrine is more like it for me. My hubby is coming this year and he will be running it. It should be super fun either way we get up there and the views from the shrine are incredible! 

Since not much running has been going on, I don’t have much to talk about training-wise. So I just thought I’d share some random pictures from my phone. This cutie-patootie is my friend’s cat and she is just the most precious little thing. 

And this little cutie pie is not to be confused with a house cat like Mittens up there, this is Nadia, the Pallas cat. In the wild, these small cats come from Central Asia. I just love her in this picture, sitting like the little queen that she is. 

Bodie is unimpressed with cat pictures.

The pups had bath day over the weekend. Doesn’t Gryffin look thrilled? 😉

And a throw back to Costa Rica. I wish my toes were back in this water. 

I hope your week is going well and you are staying healthy. Me and my NyQuil are ready for bed already. Have a good night, friends!


Have any cold remedies for me? Tea, vitamin C, and cold meds are my go to. 

Anyone racing this weekend?! Tell me your goals! My goal is to not leave a lung on the mountain. 

2 thoughts on “Run to the Shrine and random photo dump

  1. Awww you better make it down the mountain in one piece!!!! That emergenC orange fizzy vitamin c boosting stuff helps me some. Ooooo and vicks vapor rub on your chest and on the bottoms of your feet (with socks on) helps a lot with any congestion or cough.

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