Sunshine and Sushi

Happy Saturday!! I’ve been sick a lot of the week and am finally rebounding a bit. I was tired of being inside the house and decided to get outside and enjoy a little sunshine. 

I definitely wasn’t 100%, but the fun the dogs had made up for any icky feelings I was having.

Whatever I have is mostly in my chest and head so I’ve taken a few days off of running. This hike was super refreshing and it felt good to be active. We went to Elk Meadows in Evergreen and the weather was just perfect. At just under 4 miles, it was a long hike for Bodie and he was such a little trooper. Funny story, we took a wrong turn and got a little lost at one point and ended up adding an extra mile to the hike. Thanks to the guy hiking with his dog that gave us directions back to our trailhead!

Gryffy loves hiking and spends most of his time looking for wildlife and trying to meet everyone we pass by. 

The mountains always bring about such a peaceful feeling for me and I was so happy we got outside for a bit.

After our hike, the pups were pretty tired so we stocked up on iced teas and drove back to Denver. We were hit by a GIANT rock that flew up from a truck’s tire on the way back. I think we’re lucky it didn’t crack the windshield. It scared the jeepers out of me!

At home, the dogs took naps and we went out in search of food. We ended up in one of my favorite areas, Belmar. 

This fun shopping area is in Lakewood and I worked here at a French body care store for years when we lived nearby. It has changed a ton and has a great vibe and fun shops and restaurants. We hit up Wasabi for some sushi and some people watching.

I love trying new sushi rolls and all of them were delicious.

We ended up making a bit of a date night out of it and went across the street to the movie theater afterwards to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It was hilarious and I’m in love with Baby Groot.

We’re sticking close to home today to take care of some house projects. It’s bath day for the pups so that will cause quite the splash this afternoon. Hopefully I can get rid of whatever bug this is and get back to regular running tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Do you like sushi? What’s your favorite kind?

Colorado peeps, what’s your favorite dog-friendly hiking trail? We’re always looking for new spots to explore.

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