Humpday Hello

Well hello there and happy Humpday! I hope you are winning this week. We’re in the home stretch, the weekend is right around the corner. My week has been busy and it’s been raining a lot so a treadmill run was in order. Every primate keeper obviously should have some banana monkey socks. 

A sweaty 5-miler in the books. Bodie doesn’t mind when I’m all sweaty and gross. In fact he prefers it.

I am always getting tangled up in my headphone’s cord when I’m running and I’m hoping these babies will make an appearance for my birthday next month. 😉

I tried to unplug during our vacation to Costa Rica and stopped wearing my Fitbit while we were there. I never picked the habit back up when I came back, but recently came across it and decided to put it back on. Not only do I find tracking steps kind of fun, but I really like the text and call notifications you get so you don’t have to get your phone out. Yay for tracking fitness!

I realized I never shared any of Bodie’s last puppy class! He did great and when the treats came out, he’s wasn’t the only one on his best behavior. 

That was all a little random, but that’s kind of how my mind works. I hope you have a great night! 


Have you tried wireless headphones? I’d love recommendations!

Do you wear a Fitbit? What’s your average steps per day? 

6 thoughts on “Humpday Hello

  1. I have wireless headphones made by Samsung. They work really well for the gym. The ones you posted look nice. They look very light weight.

    My average steps per day is 8000 but can be as high as 12k depending on what I did at the gym.

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