Puppy Beach Day!

Hi and Happy Saturday! We’ve had a busy weekend and had a wonderful time out at the dog beach with Bodie and Gryffin! We packed up the car early on Friday and hit the road.

We brought chicken for lunch, they obviously already know what’s in the bag. 

Bodie plunged right into the water and seemed to love splashing around.

There weren’t many dogs around, but they made a couple friends. I was so proud of how confident Bodie was in the water and meeting new dogs. He didn’t want to actually swim, but liked jumping in the shallow areas.

I know this is a ton of pics, but I just can’t stop.

Gryffy loves to drag his toys into the water and jump on them and drown them. 

With some exhausted puppers in the back seat, we headed home and I managed to get in a 5k workout before surrendering to the couch for the night.

I literally have no idea what I’m doing with my hands here.

Half training is going really well so far and am still feeling excited and motivated for each run. Now we’re off to Bo’s puppy class and then the Cinco de Mayo festival downtown. One more beach pic for no reason.

Have an awesome Saturday!


Does your pup like the water? 

If you’re local, where do you take your dogs swimming off leash?

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