Thursday Things

Happy Thursday! (It’s my Friday-yay!!) It’s been quite the week, full of wonderful new experiences and some challenges. I hope I’m always striving to improve myself and be a better human. That said, we all have days that feel like a complete fail. I am so glad I have running to help me find some perspective and give myself a mental check-in. I am an emotional person and feel my feelings SO HARD. (Gosh, this blog is so literary it should win an award 😉 I find it hard to forgive myself when I make mistakes and am so grateful that I have people in my life that encourage me and help me put things into perspective. Let’s all take a deep breathe and give each other a mental hug. Okay ready for the deep breathe, here we go…… Did you do it? Good, me too. Life is hard, but it’s easier if we’re there for each other. I am more than ready to jump into the weekend and hopefully do something I’ve been looking forward to…taking Bodie swimming for the first time!! Gryff is quite the beach baby and loves to swim. We’re hoping he can show Bodie how it’s done. 

The weather was all over the place this week so I got in some outdoor runs and some on the treadmill. 

This semi-awkward selfie made me happy because I’m wearing my favorite race shirt ever. My very first race ever was the Colorado Marathon 5k. I read running blogs long before I actually became a runner and Janae inspired me to sign up for my first race. I had a ton of fun and was hooked. 

Other random thoughts going on in my head this week:

I love Spring flowers!

We hung up pictures last weekend and scored some major deals on frames at Hobby Lobby.

This salad had a crumbled crab cake on top and I have been craving more crab cakes ever since.

And a baby Bodie picture for your viewing pleasure. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Any fun weekend plans?

3 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I work all weekend so that’ll be fun lol
    Aww I bet Bodie will love water! My labs love water except when it is deep enough so that they can’t touch the bottom then they act like big chickens 😉

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