Training week 1 recap 

Hi! Did you survive Monday? I had a great day and the highlight was making a new friend! 

This is Yazhi, the Rocky Mountain Goat! I have never worked with this species before and I am thrilled that I am going to get to spend some time  learning and working with these amazing animals. Do you hear Maria singing “The Hills are Alive”  from The Sound of Music when you see this picture. I do. Obviously. 

Before we talk about half training, let’s wrap up the weekend. We had some cold, wet last few days and made sure to get out in the snow with the dogs. Gryff loves snow and we were hoping Bodie would too. His feelings were mixed, but we had a great spring snow day.

We also hit up puppy class and Bodie found a new girlfriend. #ladiesman

I couldn’t find Gryff then turned the corner and found this. 

We got out a little over the weekend and went to The Tavern for some comfort food. Pizza is probably my favorite food so when I saw Damn Good Pizza on the menu, you know I was in. 

And now I think we’re caught up! Let’s talk running. Half training is going great and week one definitely had some highs and lows. 

I got in most of my workouts and had a great run Saturday with 4 miles that felt really good.

A little yoga on Sunday for some cross training was just what I needed and I think I’m going to try to add a little yoga into the end of my runs. I’m pretty good about stretching, but I could benefit from some mental focus and peacefulness. 

The low point of the week was definitely my allergic reaction. I’m still not sure what caused it and am glad the next couple of outdoor runs have gone much better. 

I also dropped my phone in the toilet (clean water!) last week. That is totally unrelated to training for a half marathon, but it was such a gross, unusual thing, it bears mentioning. Luckily it actually still works and I got to spend lots of time googling things like How to Disinfect Your Phone.

Today’s run was beautiful and I had a great 3 miles.

I run by this beautiful seminary a lot and think it has just the prettiest buildings.

Do you ever have troubles stretching around your dogs? This is a common problem in my household.

I hope you had a great weekend! 


Do you run a certain route to see your favorite places and things? 

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever found your dog?

3 thoughts on “Training week 1 recap 

  1. St. Thomas Seminary now is the headquarters of the Catholic Diocese, I believe. Many years ago I used to walk your Grandpa’s dog, Prince (a Belgian Schipperkee), around the grounds.

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